Aimee Osbourne Explains Why Her Mom Sharon Osbourne Isn't Her Manager

By Andrew Magnotta @AndrewMagnotta

October 13, 2020

The Osbourne child most famous for not taking part in the family's early-00's MTV reality show, Aimée Osbourne, doesn't want her mother to manager her music career.

Before Sharon Osbourne was established as a reality star and television personality, she was the manager that helped launch Ozzy Osbourne's multi-platinum solo career.

Sharon still manages Ozzy and much of the family's business interests, but Aimée — an independent spirit — tells Yahoo! Entertainment a few weeks before the release of her debut album, Vacare Adamare (available October 30) that Sharon makes a better mom for ARO than a manager.

“She comes from a generation where management was handled a little differently from how it is today," Aimée said. "Also, the genre of music that I make isn't something that she was necessarily super-familiar with. ... I mean, there were all these common-sense questions that I, of course, would turn to her for, but as far as the nuances of everything that I was trying to do and the way I was trying to do it, we are very different in that way. That's why it was healthier for both of us to be supportive and there for each other, but not directly involved business-wise with each other.”

Aimée is close to both of her parents and her siblings Kelly and Jack Osbourne, and despite having made some missteps initially when she launched ARO in 2015, she still prefers having some distance between her music and her family.

She continued, noting that her dad's ongoing concentration on his own music has made him a reliable sounding board for her. "He's the perfect combination of being supportive but not overly involved to where it can feel a bit suffocating," she says.

When talking to Q104.3 New York's Out of the Box about her first new single, "Shared Something With the Night," this past August, Aimée noted that, "As an artist, when you get close to the material and you're too involved, you lose your ears for it. You don't necessarily hear things about the track that other people would hear."

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