How Dionne Warwick Became The Best Celebrity To Follow On Twitter

By Lauren Crawford

December 18, 2020

In the past month, Dionne Warwick has become one of the best celebrities to follow on Twitter.

While she's by no means new to the Twittersphere — she's had a Twitter account since 2012 — her latest tweets have gotten the Internet talking, and quite frankly, they have become a highlight of 2020.

When the 80-year-old singer's not calling out celebrities for their "unique" names or effortlessly shading her critics, Miss Warwick is simply brightening up the days of her 329.4K (and counting) followers with her charm, humor, and unmatched sarcasm.

With the help of her niece/social media strategist Brittani Warwick, Dionne has become a Twitter pro in recent weeks, hilariously clapping back at her followers and sharing tweets you can't help but laugh at. While the legendary singer is known for bringing light and joy through her music, she's definitely leaving her mark on Twitter.

See 25 times when the legendary songstresses' tweets brought the heat to Twitter in December alone.

1. When she jokingly came for Chance The Rapper and The Weeknd's stage names

2. When she made it clear that the only person she'd want to play her in a Netflix biopic is Teyana Taylor

3. When she made it clear that no one with "The" in their stage names was safe from her tweets

4. When she let it be known that even though her niece Brittani helps her navigate Twitter, the one and only Dionne Warick sends out her own tweets

5. When she called out Wendy Williams for bashing her on TV

6. When she let the world know that she's still got it

7. When she made it clear that she doesn't care about her typos

8. When she revised her previous "The" challenge

9. When she gave us the tweet of the year

10. When she admitted that even she gets tired of Twitter

11. When she set a Twitter user straight

12. When she joked about how long Kenan Thompson has been on Saturday Night Live

13. When she asked how to send a tweet to Taylor Swift

14. When she basically said legends don't have to write a Twitter bio

15. When she hilariously addressed, but didn't actually address, her involvement with the Psychic Friends Network

16. When she revealed that her tweets to Chance The Rapper and The Weeknd led to them hopping on her new song

17. When she dropped her son for Questlove

18. When she actually thought Billie Eilish's name was William Eyelash

19. When she came for the entire new generation of artists

20. When she let her followers know that she chooses to use Twitter account how she wants to

21. When she asked if Idris Elba has a Twitter, then found out she already follows him

22. When she told a Twitter user how to find their inner hussy

23. When she hilariously blocked one of her followers

24. When she used these hilarious gifs

25. When she told us to call her a millennial

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