Unborn Baby Kicks Hole In Mother's Womb, Nearly Killing Them Both

By Dave Basner

April 13, 2020

Most expectant mothers love feeling their unborn babies kick, but one unborn baby in China kicked so hard she tore a hole in her mother's womb, nearly killing both of them.   

The woman went to the hospital 35 weeks pregnant complaining of stomach pains. Doctors saw how low her blood pressure was and gave her an ultrasound, thinking her womb had been ruptured. 

Instead, they found out that the baby had kicked through the mother's uterus wall and into her abdominal cavity. The child's thighs were stuck in the hole. 

Doctors performed an emergency C-section because the mom was losing a lot of blood and the baby was at risk of contracting a life-threatening infection. Both their lives were saved. 

The mom, it turned out, had a 3-inch tear in her womb. Apparently, she had previously had fibroids removed from her womb, which left a scar and a weak spot on the uterus wall. 

The mother and her baby girl are now doing well.

Photo Credit: Getty

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