Herd Of At Least 75 Cows Take Over Highway After Breaking Out Of Farm

By Bill Galluccio

February 10, 2021

Drivers on U.S. 35 in Indiana were forced to pull over after a herd of more than 75 cows took over the highway. The cows escaped from a nearby farm and started stampeding down the roadway.

“It’s a herd of cows running directly at us in the passing lane in the opposite direction,” motorist Melissa Kuczmanski told the South Bend Tribune. “It was kind of a joyous moment; I was looking for the universe to send me some really cool wildlife sightings, and boom.”

An off-duty police officer was driving by in his squad car when he encountered the procession of calves running down the highway. Captain Derek Allen pulled a U-turn to get in front of the cows so he could warn motorists about the herd. He then radioed for backup as other drivers offered to help corral the cows.

“It’s really important to note, these cows weren’t just walking, they were at a full gallop, if you will,” Allen told the news outlet.

Eventually, all the cows were rounded up and returned unharmed to the farm from which they escaped.

“No one was in danger as long as you pulled over and let them pass,” Kuczmanski said. “They were following each other along, not one cow was by themselves ... their eyes were bright, they looked so excited.”

Officials have not identified the farm where the cows escaped or said how they managed to get free.

Photo: Getty Images

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