My Week/Weekend in 5 Pictures

March 1, 2021

Ok, so here's a few from my (extended) weekend (ie: vacation) -

It was a pretty low key vacation, I have to say. We did some snowshoeing, some day trips, and had a socially distant get together in the garage (hey- we go first class here at the compound!! haha- So lets get to it!

First up - how about some "smash burgers"????

Friggin AWESEOME. Cooked on the Blackstone Griddle Grill! If you havent done these yet, look em up on the web- they're delicious!

And for the record, here's how I want my burger: Seasoned beef, cooked medium, and definitely NO CHEESE! Then simply add ketchup and ONIONS. Keep your lettuce and tomatoe - that just makes a mess of things. And keep the size of the thing manageable! Sure- a restaurant burger thats about 9 inches high looks cool - until you actually try to eat it! What's with that nonsense anyway? I mean - if you have to use a giant steak knife to keep the thing from falling over, then how in the hell am I supposed to eat it? So keep in manageable, Chef!

*and don't forget - you can always try my wife's recipe for COFFEE BURGERS! TRUST ME on this- you will love em! No, they don't taste like coffee either! Just use 3 lbs of ground beef, one egg, and two tablespoons of ground coffee (regular flavor). Mix it, cook it, and then send me a THANK YOU EMAIL - because that's how much you'll love it. TRUST ME.

Did a little "snow-chooin'" - as I like to say! Valerie and I hit some trails, and then we went out with our friend Carole on a beautiful winter day. It's impossible to be quiet on those things though, especially if there's a frozen crust to the snow. I was a regular Jeremiah Friggin Johnson over here!!! (And if you don't know who that is, picture Leonardo Dicaprio in The Revenant, except it was in the 70's, and nobody was attacked by a Grizzly).

This is our daughter Cait, and she loves to fly fish. So - one day last week we went out - and I photographed her doing what she loves, and it was really cool. She loves the outdoors, and loves to fish. And photography-wise- shooting someone doing what they love is easy, because their love of what they do shows on their face.

Oh, and we had some friends over-

Since we can't go out like we want to - thanks to Covid- we have friends over to hang in our garage. We got a couple of heaters, and that way its comfortable in there. We set up two tables, so we're socially distant, and we grilled up some food and chilled in "Club K". Haha- totally rednecking it, but loving it! Had some tunes playing, had some drinks, and had a great time.

And before anyone gets up in my face about not wearing a mask - I just finished eating, and I was more than 6 ft from our friends, so pipe down, Karen. haha...

And heres my next question: How far did you travel to do something ridiculous, or simple?

Valerie and I drove 2.5 hours....

to have our picture taken with a statue of a seal.

We drove to Rockport ME to have a pic taken with the statue of ANDRE THE SEAL!

We loved the story of the harbor seal that kept returning to Rockport every year for more than 20 years, and he became a celebrity - and even had a movie made about the story! Our kids loved the movie and so did we - so when Valerie said "Hey, lets take a ride to see where Andre the seal was" - we just jumped in the car and went. Had a great day driving around midcoast Maine on a beautiful day!

It was too funny though- we took the picture and then she says "Ok, what now?". Classic.

So there's my week/weekend in 5 pics...

Oh, and yeah, I did some shooting as well -

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