University Of Arizona Creates Doomsday Plan That Could Preserve Life

By Ginny Reese

March 24, 2021


It isn't exactly fun to think about what could happen in the event of a major asteroid strike on Earth, a supervolcano, or potential human extinction, especially in the midst of an ongoing global pandemic.

But, one local university came up with a plan for if it ever does happen, reported AZ Family.

University of Arizona engineers came up with a plan that could potentially preserve human life on.

So what's the answer? The moon.

Jekan Thanga, an aerospace engineer at the university, said, "It led from asking that question, of course, some of these events we're trying to dodge, if that did indeed occur, then what's next?"

The team is in the middle of developing a concept called "a lunar ark on the moon."

Thanga said, "Underground, in the moon are these lunar lava tubes that have been pristine, secure for three to four billion years."

The idea is that frozen seeds, sperm, eggs, and anything else needed to repopulate the earth could be stored there.

If the plan were to work, the moon would hold everything needed to restore life on Earth.

There are a few snags, however, like the dependency on human survivors on the moon.

Thangs said, "We're gonna need survivors on the moon to sort of continue this restoring process."

Photo: Getty Images

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