311's Nick Hexum Responds To Snitch Who Tried To Call 311 On Legal Pot Use

By Katrina Nattress

April 11, 2021

Recreational marijuana use was recently legalized in New York state, but one "snitch" is trying to harsh their neighbors' buzz in Brooklyn. ACLU engineer and Park Slope resident Steve Wozniak shared a Nextdoor post titled "Pot problem in Park Slope?" on Twitter. In the heated message, the concerned citizen complains about the "skunk" smell of weed infiltrating local parks, adding: “I don’t think it’s an argument to say that marijuana causes things like brain loss, sleep problems, and overeating. I know it’s going to become legal but this worries me.” (Yes, this is real.)

The author then suggests calling 311 (the number to contact non-emergency municipal services), and as Wozniak points out "a local hero saw this and hired nick hexum (of the band 311) on cameo to record a message for the snitch."

“A little birdy told me that you’ve been doing some snitching on Nextdoor," Nexum started his message before admitting he's "a little too familiar" with the drama that goes down on the neighborhood social media platform. After calling the person a "tattletale," the singer said "this message is to say let’s live and let live, and I’m going to sing you a song of positivity because love is always the answer.”

He then played an acoustic snippet of 311's 1993 track "Freak Out," and now all is right in the world. See Wozniak's posts and watch Nexum's Cameo video below.

Photo: Getty Images

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