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Rush Saw Ron DeSantis Had the Makings of a Great Leader When He Took on ...

By Premiere Networks

April 20, 2021

TODD: Apple reversed its ban on Parler. This is from The Verge. Parler is a competitor to the hate machine of Jack Dorsey called Twitter, the censorship machine of Mark Zuckerberg called Facebook. And if you doubt that -- if you think that's, you know, an exaggeration -- there's audio I play in my show in Seattle. I love to play Mark Zuckerberg speaking privately with his staff talking about the mRNA injections and saying...

He says, Mark Zuckerberg, "I'm concerned about what this effect will have on our DNA." You will be banned from Facebook for saying that; Zuckerberg says it in private. And these platforms are so powerful. It's great that there is a competitor, Parler, and what's happened... There's a timing issue to this.

The interim CEO of Parler, Mark Meckler, said in a statement, "We worked to put in place systems that will better detect unlawful speech and allow users to filter content undesirable to them while maintaining our strict prohibition against content moderation based on viewpoint." So Apple reversed its ban. It's back in the Apple store.

However, there's something to else. There's a timing issue. It was a couple of days before a hearing in Congress about Apple's behavior, 'cause in my judgment, they clearly banned Parler because people were discussing election integrity. Most of the planning for January 6th went on at Facebook and Twitter, just like the planning for the riots to come go on Facebook and Twitter.

So it's great to see them win this victory -- and I've got lots to say about tech because I worked in it for so long. I want to get to this. Rush Limbaugh was too powerful and too beloved to ever be effectively banned. It wouldn't work. But Rush knew full well the efforts the leftists put into destroying any platform they don't control, he was very, very happy with Governor Ron DeSantis of Florida who understands the technocrats and their attempts to rule us.

RUSH: Ron DeSantis. This guy has got what we call an iron-enforced spine, the governor of Florida. "In a 45-minute speech, the governor identified Big Tech companies as the leading threat to American democracy and freedom of expression today, and pledged that Florida Republicans would take action.

" accused the tech giants of 'clear viewpoint discrimination,' highlighting the censorship of Donald Trump and the removal of Parler from the internet and Apple and Google-controlled app stores. 'The core issue here is this: are consumers going to have the choice to consume the information they choose, or are oligarchs in Silicon Valley going to make those choices for us?

"No group of people should exercise such power, especially not tech billionaires in Northern California,'" and, man, oh, man is that right. Tell me: Where else do you hear anybody speaking out like this -- in government? Yeah, you have some op-ed writers, some other people speaking out on this, but this? You don't hear elected officials so much. Some members of Congress do.

This is when Democrats control Washington. The propaganda arm of the Democrat Party has never been more powerful than today, and don't forget that they've got Antifa and Black Lives Matter soldiers as their military arm. Republicans who do not cave to the extraordinary pressure exerted on them in Washington today... Do you know who they are?

They're tomorrow's leaders. Republicans who do not cave to all of this are tomorrow's leaders. Trump is the model going forward. Yes siree, my friends. Donald Trump is the model. You find something interesting? They're gonna continue whatever they think they have to do to destroy the guy, to impugn the guy, to ruin the guy, his family, supporters. They're not gonna let up on the gas. Just amazing. So here's Miranda Devine, and "Facebook's Squad of Thought Police" is her piece. She says, "When you see him speak, it's hard to believe that such a gormless geek as Mark Zuckerberg may be the most powerful person in the free world.


"But socially inept tech oligarchs now wield unprecedented power to censor political thought and speech and are transforming America into an authoritarian surveillance state. For now," and that's the key in that sentence. "For now, it is conservatives they are silencing and demonizing, in partnership with the Democratic Party." For now.

But after a while when they think they think that they've finished that, they're gonna move on to whoever else is insolent, and they're gonna begin to demonize and silence that group. Who will it be? We don't know. But they're not going to stop exercising this power they have simply by vanquishing conservatives. This kind of power, you have fun using, and they're gonna be doing it day in and day out.

"We already know Silicon Valley leans left... But the partisan power of Big Tech was laid bare this month when they acted in concert to censor Donald Trump and many of his 74 million voters, and then crushed free speech competitor Parler.

Now Facebook has turbo-charged its woke corporate agenda with a new 'vice president of civil rights' -- an Obama administration alumnus obsessed with systemic police racism -- and a global 'oversight board' of retired politicians and human-rights activists paid to rubber-stamp crackdown on conservatives, a.k.a. 'domestic terrorists.'"

TODD: From Rush's words to now. Ron DeSantis -- who he just praised. Ron DeSantis has set up an alternative video channel on, which is an alternative to YouTube. Why? Because YouTube disappeared a panel discussion -- a series of panel discussions -- between Ron DeSantis and world-renowned epidemiologists and immunologists who don't hold to Google's view that everybody should be forced to have a covid vaccine pass, the passports.

We've played Rush's words warning us -- and this was about the piece of paper we were supposed to carry. I can imagine what the Maha is thinking heaven about the literal vaccine passports now, the digital versions. And because they don't agree with lockdowns, they disappeared a discussion between a governor of one of the most populous states in the country and legendary, credentialed, noncontroversial medical, scientific experts who point to 100 years (100 years!) of rigorous scientific examination of responses to upper-respiratory viruses like the Spanish flu, which is still in the air.

We all get that, right? That's not gone. There's no zero Spanish flu. We grew to have actual herd immunity to it because our bodies were allowed to work. I mentioned at the top of this segment of Rush's program that we live in extraordinary times. I am so proud that I got to be with my young producer. My young producer's 21-year-olds. His name is Alex Overall, my show in Seattle.

I am so proud that I got to be with Alex one morning as he and I were doing show prep and we were gathering video of doctors who objected to the lockdowns -- the selective lockdowns of small businesses, churches, and schools -- while pot stores and abortionists were allowed to run wild. I'm so proud I got to be with Alex that morning. That was almost a year ago, over that. As one after another of those videos got disappeared, Alex had to chase them down to YouTube and...


Well, here's this doctor. Now it's gone. And then the doctors were on Fox News and it got disappeared from YouTube and then disappeared from Facebook, and books are getting disappeared. In terms of Rush saying that they're only going after conservatives now? No, no, no. They're also going after so-called radical feminists who object to gender ideology.

And they're going after radical mothers who object to the sexualization of their kids with these insane so-called sex-ed platforms. I got to be there as a young patriot watched the result of Big Government, the thing about which he was warned. We live in extraordinary times, extraordinary moments to say to young people, "Like that video game? Want to keep it? Vote conservative. If not, you'll never have choices like that again."

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