From Breakup To Breakout, Lily Rose Goes Viral With 'Villain'

By Lauryn Snapp

April 22, 2021

Country newcomer, Lily Rose found herself in the spotlight of viral fame after her breakup song "Villain" exploded on TikTok, acting as a springboard to land her at the top of the all-genre iTunes chart.

Two months later, Lily Rose was signing a record deal.

In a recent interview with Cody Alan, the country newcomer shared the personal story behind her song and explained why she believes this tune resonated so quickly among fans.

"I had the title on my phone for a few months," explains Lily Rose. "A year before that, I had gone through a breakup. You know? I am not from a small town, but social media these days is our small town. Which is kind of mind-blowing when you think about it. You're like, 'Holy cow, that's right!'"

"I had to actively take the high road every day," says the Georgia native. "I thought that the break up went in an amicable separation, and the other person did not find that to be the case."

Lily's experience left her penning a very personal response to her former flame.

Her lyrics, "Yeah, I've heard things. Goin' 'round and 'round running through this town, like a two-lane. Yeah, I heard 'em say, I never loved you. Found someone new, gave up too soon, But that's half the truth, One point of view," immediately resonated with music fans on TikTok, and Lily thinks she knows why.

"Everyone has been through that, you know?" the rising country star tells Cody. "Whether it's with your mom, your boss, with your friend, or a romantic relationship."

Watch the video below to see Lily put her theater skills to the test as she takes on the role of a police officer in her official music video for "Villain."

Photo Credit: Anthony Stone / BIG LOUD.

Lily Rose
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