Granger Smith & Wife Reveal Name of 4th Child & How It Honors Late Son

By Taylor Fields

May 12, 2021

Granger Smith and his wife Amber are expecting their fourth child this summer, and the couple has revealed the name of their baby boy on the way, in addition to how it pays tribute to their late son, River, who passed away several years ago following a terrible accident.

In a video posted to their The Smith's YouTube channel, the couple revealed that their new son's name is Maverick Beckham and explained the meaning behind it. Amber said, "I really wanted 'Riv' to be in the name. Whatever name we picked, I wanted Riv to be a part of that name, and we went back and forth with, should we do middle name Kelly, or middle River, or any of that. I just wanted Riv to be a part of it, of his first name. I wanted this baby to have his own identity, I didn't want him to be so tied to River, but I did want him to have a little piece of his brother in his name."

Granger added, "I've liked the name Maverick my whole life, and it's always been just an awesome name to me. It could also represent in the old cowboy days when you'd find a calf, and it was off by itself and you had to search for it, and you found a maverick calf. And so I've always thought it would be cool for a little caboose, a little baby that wasn't really supposed to be here, but is now, and we weren't expecting, but now it's here, and he's like the maverick baby of The Smiths." He continued, "And most importantly, to us, it has the letters R-I-V, which he'll forever be connected to his brother, his big brother Riv. So, he'll forever be connected to that, so it's important that his name is too. So, Beckham, his middle name, means essentially, home by the river. 'Ham' means home and Beck means creek or stream or river."

Earlier in the video, Amber shared some fan mail that was sent to them, and one fan had sent the family a blanket for Maverick's nursery that said, "God knew my heart needed you."

The newest addition to the Smith family is arriving in just a few months this August.

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