9-11 Themed Bar In Fort Worth Raises Eyebrows After It Goes Viral

By Anna Gallegos

May 24, 2021

Texans are doing a double take after learning that a Tex-Mex cantina in Fort Worth is named after a national tragedy.

Bar9eleven is going viral after a Twitter user stumbled up on the location named after the 2001 terrorist attack.

"Drove by this bar and though 'huh I wonder what that’s about'. Turns out it’s about exactly what you think," Jesse Tyler tweeted with several photos of the bar.

This isn't some strange dark joke because the bar is very real.

"Forever in memory of that tragic day, the day we opened this restaurant, this location and it's growth is the result of the resolve and spirit of many hard working employees and a community that would not allow it to fail!" says the Bar9eleven website.

The bar originally opened in 2013 without much attention. Owner Brent Johnson picked the name because he opened his first Rio Mambo restaurant on September 11, 2001.

"I opened my restaurant on the most tragic day of my life. 9/11 was just a very tragic day for our country. It was very somber and it’s become a sacred day for all of us," he told the Daily Mail.

He also told the Texas Tribune that he picked the name "after hearing about a survey one September that supposedly found 'eighty percent of Americans" didn’t know that the anniversary of the event was approaching. Though there’s no evidence that this is true, and Johnson admits that he wasn’t sure about the details of the survey."

The bar doesn't have 9/11-theme drinks or food specials, and it looks like an average bar on the inside. Still, the name and a sign calling the date "a state of mind" rubbed some people the wrong way, including one Twitter user who called it "weird and cringe."

Photo: Getty Images

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