Arizona Is Seeing Weird Saguaro Cactus Blooms And It's Baffling Experts

By Ginny Reese

May 25, 2021

Saguaro Cactus flowers

Anyone who has seen the stunning sight knows that the Saguaro Cactus usually blooms from the very top.

But this year, people across southern Arizona and across the Valley are seeing an unusual sight.

FOX 10 Phoenix reported that the blooms are happening down the stem this year and no one knows why.

Michael Chamberland, assistant agent in urban horticulture for the UArizona Maricopa County Cooperative Extension, said:

"We are seeing an unusual phenomenon. This spring, we're seeing the saguaro flowers which usually occur as a crown cluster at the top. They are occurring lower down on the stem as well."

Cumberland said that residents last year were reporting that their saguaros were all dying out, but there isn't a direct correlation between the dying and the weird blooms.

Cumberland said:

"This behavior was not noticed before the saguaros died off last summer, but they could have the same root cause. They could both be due to complications, stress and unusual drought, but there's maybe different facets of that for these behaviors."

If you notice your saguaro dying, it's best to call an expert. It is also recommended to water your saguaro once a month to ensure it has enough water to survive.

Photo: Getty Images

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