Bounty For Bigfoot's Capture In Oklahoma Up To $3,000,000

By Anna Gallegos

May 27, 2021

An Oklahoma lawmaker is still serious about people visiting the state to find Bigfoot.

On Wednesday, state Rep. J.J. Humphrey announced that the bounty for the mythical creature is now up to $3 million. The bounty was just over $2 million when it was first started in March.

"We don't hunt Bigfoot. Nobody wants to harm Bigfoot. We're going to do a live, humane capture of Bigfoot," Humphrey in front of the state legislature.

"We're extending this beyond just our region and throughout the state. We're wanting the whole world to come to southeastern Oklahoma, to the state of Oklahoma and get involved in our bounty – Oklahoma bounty, Bigfoot bounty. So, we're excited to invite the whole world to come and participate."

Humphrey also said in his Wednesday announcement that a film crew will be in Honobia to document attempts to capture Bigfoot. The show is expected to air in January, FOX 25 reported.

The representative gained international attention earlier this year when he proposed a bill to create a Bigfoot hunting season. The bill went no where but it accomplished what Humphrey wanted, which was to get people and potentially tourists interested in visiting Oklahoma.

"And who knew that (the bill) would go international and that we would gain so much attention? I did plan on trying to get a little attention for a festival in Honobai, Oklahoma, which is where everyone knows where Bigfoot lives," he said.

Photo: Getty Images

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