WATCH: Firefighters Rescue Dog Trapped In Concrete Wall

By Bill Galluccio

July 21, 2021

A team of firefighters in Cincinnati, Ohio, rescued a dog that was stuck between two concrete walls. The homeowner called the fire department after hearing the dog barking behind their garage wall.

The dog, named Gertie, became trapped between two walls after falling through a crevice. Gertie's owners, Connie Frick and Lynn Herman, said that she ran away last week and bolted into the woods near their home. They noted that Gertie running off is fairly common and that she usually returns home and waits by the garage.

This time, she didn't come home, so they started putting up signs around the neighborhood. On Sunday (July 18), they received some good news. Gertie had been located by their neighbors, but she was trapped between two concrete walls.

"We were just excited. We were like, I can't believe, cause we knew it had been a while, so we thought like this is exciting, and hopefully, she's OK," neighbor Vanessa Roland told WXIX.

When the fire department arrived, they used a sledgehammer to break the wall so Gertie could escape. The Cincinnati Fire Department shared a video of the rescue on Facebook.

"There have been missing posters up in Northside for five days in hopes of someone finding Gertie. Today a homeowner heard a dog crying behind the garage wall and called us to check it out. This run ended in a happy reunion and a job well done by Truck 20," the department wrote.

Gertie was fine after being trapped and was reunited with Frick and Herman.

"We're just very happy and lucky and very grateful to our neighbors," Frick told the news station.

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