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Amazing Graphic Shows Just How Few Children Die with Covid

By Clay Travis and Buck Sexton

September 20, 2021

CLAY: One of the big battles that everybody’s fighting all over the country right now is what sort of restrictions, if any, should exist for kids as they return to school. And this is a battle we’ve been fighting for a long time. And I think it continues to get illuminated based on the decisions that are made that are flagrantly hypocritical at, for instance, the Emmys last night where all of these Hollywood celebrities can show up; they can not wear masks, although all of the people serving them have to wear masks.

But it’s in direct conflict with the requirement that all kids ages 2 and up have to wear masks in Los Angeles. And the way that this is justified, Buck, is by saying, “Oh, kids are under a lot of danger from covid.” And I want to give a credit to a Twitter account @Kerpen.

BUCK: Oh, that’s my man Phil.

CLAY: Yeah, Phil Kerpen he went through and did this data for you. It’s pretty amazing. These are the number of deaths from covid — with covid, I should say, because again, I’ll explain that in a moment. But from January of 2020 all the way up to September 11th of 2021. So almost two years. All right?

And in that two years, for instance, let me give you some of these numbers. There are right now in the United States — and this is crazy as one who had kids. There are 3.9 million, roughly, Buck, 2-year-olds — 3.9 million kids aged 2-year-old in the United States. How many of them do you think have died with covid in the past year and change?

BUCK: Less than a hundred?

CLAY: Seven.

BUCK: Yep.

CLAY: Again, I want you guys to listen to some of these ages and, again, I understand that every death of a child is a tragedy. I’m not trying to minimize the death of a child for any reason. I’ve got three kids. But when you are a parent, assessing risk for your children is a big part of being a parent, one of the most important parts. So I’m just picking random young ages here. Buck, there are over four million kids age 6 years old. How many kids have died with covid who are 6 years old since covid began in this country?

BUCK: Fifty?

CLAY: Six.


CLAY: Four million 6-year-olds!

BUCK: We’re gonna keep going through this.

CLAY: It’s crazy.

BUCK: It’s horrific, right? It’s horrific how exaggerated the media has created this risk situation because we have so few children dying. We look at a flu season, an average flu season and how many kids are dying.

CLAY: You’re more likely, kids are more likely to die in an average flu.

BUCK: Every death is a tragedy. Every death is horrible. But every vehicular death is a tragedy. Every drowning is a tragedy. We can’t live like this. This is why I get so frustrated by this, because we’re looking at a world where people are no longer reasonable or rationale and I just want to scream and throw something at the wall because you keep putting out these numbers.

How many people, Clay, do you think know…? I keep thinking it’s less than a hundred ’cause that seems right. I know it’s a very small number. But less than 10 in these different age-groups have died, of the millions of kids infected?

CLAY: It’s pretty wild, and those numbers are representative. There’s over four million 10-year-olds. Nine have died. And again, this is with covid, because sadly a huge percentage of kids that are dying are dying with covid. Most of these kids are really unhealthy and have multiple different comorbidities that are factoring in here. But, Buck, it goes all the way up.

There’s not even in an age range… You have to go all the way up to 37 years old. And, by the way, right now, there are, according to this, almost 4.4 million 37-year-olds in the country right now. That’s the first age range where over a thousand people have died with covid.

BUCK: Clay, how can you make people understand? This is why when you told me the number seven, I sit here say, “And yet they’re making everybody — all these kids — mask up, and they’re who don’t make all these kids get the vaccine, for seven children total in an age-group where you have hundreds of thousands, if not a few million.”

CLAY: Millions of kids.

BUCK: We are actually now being made to make medical policy for one in a million, and that’s not an exaggeration: For one-in-a-million odds of things happening.

CLAY: Yes.

BUCK: This could paralyze society if we actually do this.

CLAY: This is the standard. Put it into perspective, sadly, as many 2-year-olds in this country have died of covid as Joe Biden’s administration just killed in a drone strike in Afghanistan.

BUCK: Unbelievable.

CLAY: Right?

BUCK: Unbelievable.

CLAY: And so this graphic… I would encourage you to go check it out, because Phil Kerpen did good work here putting together the death rate — and, by the way, we talk about how stratified by age the death rate with covid is. Buck, if you are over 85 years old, 187,000 of the covid deaths are in those 85 years or older.

BUCK: Which, if you look at their —

CLAY: — expected life mortality —

BUCK: If you look at life expectancy for people over 85, we all know this, we’re all heading there, we all share this. By the way, if we’re blessed enough to make it to 85, right? But we’re all gonna be at the point at some point in our lives — this is the uncertainty of the human condition — where any infection or virus or flu or cold, could create pneumonia or create a truly serious health condition.

And so when you see the age stratification data, Clay, this should be something that makes people who are not at high risk much more comfortable with accepting those risks. But this is why the point that Bill Maher made — what was it, a week ago — that you have libs who are afraid to leave their homes.

Part of this was that I can’t begin to wrap my head around. I understand the control freaks, the control mechanism people, the Democrat Party leveraging it. I know how and why they’re doing that. Clay, it’s the parents of a 5-year-old who watch as an airline attendant pulls a mask over a child with learning disabilities or needs extra care.

The child is screaming and writhing in frustration and discomfort and anxiety. How can any parent not see that and say, “Something has gone horrifically wrong in our society, in America”? We’re the only country — and hat’s off to Karol Markowicz at the New York Post for writing about this today. She says it’s now sadism. We’re the only country in the world that is doing this to children at a very young age, the only one. Europe does not do what we do anymore.

CLAY: And I worry — and this is for kids across the spectrum of ages — what are we teaching kids about being able to assess risk? What are we teaching kids of young age about being terrified of airborne particles that might surround them from others? How are we expecting them to be reasonable in their analysis of risk when the adults and the leadership in our country has so fundamentally failed them? I don’t know the answer to that, Buck.

This story originally appeared in Clay Travis and Buck Sexton

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