Tucson-Based Company Taking Passengers To Space In A Balloon

By Ginny Reese

October 5, 2021

Photo: Getty Images

One Tucson-based company is sending passengers to the edge of space, reported KVOA. The passengers will be sent to the edge of space in a giant balloon.

Ryan Hartman, World View CEO, said, “This balloon would fit a football stadium on the inside. That’s what it takes to take 10,000 pounds to the stratosphere.”

If you’re wondering how high that is, it’s 100,000 feet up.

There are massive windows inside of the first class cabin, Wi-Fi, a bar, and a restroom.

Hartman said, “But what you’ll be able to see at the edge of space is the curvature of the Earth against the backdrop of space. So it means you’re going to be able to see the stars in broad daylight, you’re going to see the full curvature of the Earth.”

You won’t need a space suit for this adventure. Hartman explained, “No space suits. It’s a shirt sleeve environment, so just like you’re in an airplane. It’ll be comfortable and no space suits or special equipment are required.”

So how do you get back down to earth?

A GPS guided pair of foil will take over, guiding the capsule back to earth at a precise location.

The first flight will lift off in about two years.

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