Jamie Lee Curtis Teases 'Halloween Ends': It’s Going To Make People Angry

By Emily Lee

October 15, 2021

Photo: Universal Pictures

Following the release of Halloween Kills on Friday (October 15), Jamie Lee Curtis is already teasing the rebooted Halloween trilogy's big finale. Curtis returned to her breakout role of Laurie Strode in the 2018 film Halloween, which picks up 40 years after the original film and retcons all previous sequels. Now Halloween Kills continues this new story as Laurie faces off against serial killer Michael Myers once again.

“So there’s one more film to make and I know what it’s about, and it’s going to blow people’s minds open," the original final girl dished to NME about the upcoming finale. “It’s going to make people very angry and it’s going to be shocking because it asks a lot of questions. So that’s all I can tell you.”

Curtis also reflected on her decision to return to the Halloween franchise. “I signed up because [director] David Gordon Green wrote a really interesting script. The last thing I thought I’d do was another Halloween movie. I had other stuff I was doing, I was very happy," she shared.

“But I was really impressed with his understanding of not only what happened to Laurie [Strode] but this now trilogy of stories," she continued. "If another filmmaker comes up with an interesting story to tell, I’m never gonna say I’m uninterested in telling that story."

Curtis won't completely shut the door on another potential turn as Laurie, however, she admits she "can’t imagine" it will happen. "It’s unlikely to me. It would be shocking to me to imagine somebody topping what David Green is doing in a trilogy of movies, all directed by the same person, all made by the same crew, all acted by the same group of people, I would be shocked," she said."

“But it’s not impossible, as I just said to you, creativity is the source. It’s the source of all of it, so if somebody comes up with something super creative, I would be happy to join them," Curtis added. "I just find it hard to imagine that that’s going to occur.”

Halloween Kills is now available to stream on Peacock Premium, as well as playing in theaters nationwide.

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