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Weird, Whisperin’ #EmptyShelfJoe

By Clay Travis and Buck Sexton

October 16, 2021

BUCK: We got Biden just speaking about the supply chain issue and (impression)… He’s doing the whispering. He’s doing the whispering thing.

BIDEN: It isn’t right! That’s 55 of our — our Fortune 400 companies, the largest companies in America. (sputtering) Last year, 55 of the (sputtering) Fortune 500 paid zero in tax returns and they make $14 billion in profit. I’m glad they made a profit. (sputtering) I mean that sincerely. (whispering) But pay your fair share.

BUCK: (whispering) “Why is he so weird?”

CLAY: It’s a weird thing to do. I don’t understand why they wouldn’t talk to him and say, “Hey, why? Just make your point.”

BUCK: It’s almost like they should plop him down in a lawn chair and just have him scream at the reporters, “Get off my lawn!” ’cause that’s is the old man Biden vibe that you get. You’re like, “What is this guy doing? (whispering) ‘You’ve gotta pay more!'”

CLAY: We’re in the communication business, Buck. If every now and then we just started whispering into the mic instead of just talking, it would be super weird.

BUCK: I’d be a little worried about you. It might be time for you to take some paternity leave, you know?

CLAY: I might need to take couple of months, having kids.

BUCK: Take some time off. So the point about Biden and the supply chain thing is that it always turns into a class warfare diatribe. It starts out as, “Okay, yeah, there’s gonna be empty shelves. But the rich people are the problem here!” Look, Democrats love big corporations and big corporations, love Big Government, because regulation is anti-competitive.

The big companies can handle it. Smaller, upstart companies — those who are more entrepreneurial in their bent, in their approach — suffer more as a result of Big Government regulations. But more to the point, he’s got nothing here, folks. They’re just gonna let the supply chain issue play out largely as is.

They’re moving around a few things on the West Coast saying they’re gonna do a better job, keep it open longer. They should have thought of this a while ago. I don’t know. Maybe the secretary of transportation should have been showing up to his job.

CLAY: (laughing)

BUCK: That might have been helpful.

This story originally appeared in Clay Travis and Buck Sexton

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