All the wedding dresses EB DIDN'T buy

November 11, 2021

Sometimes I think it's more fun to see what people DIDN'T pick for special event outfits, than it is to see what they did! and obviously when it comes to a wedding, there is a lot of trying on. There's no point in me letting these photos rot on my phone forever! I might as well show you everything I rejected.

I only went wedding shopping twice. I knew that I'd love many dresses, and that I'm terrible at decisions, so when I found one that I loved and everyone else loved, I went with it! Ultimately, I picked "the one" because we had shown my Granddad a couple of options that he referred to as "white dresses," but when we called him with "the one" on, he said "oh, she's wearing her wedding dress." Cue tears and the credit card being pulled out. You can see in the captions why the others became rejects... even if I assumed I'd love it on the rack, or if my "squad" was obsessing over it. [There was one dress that my 'maid fought me on trying on... swore it'd be worth it... promised she wouldn't make me try on anything else I didn't like... and as soon as I walked out they told me to just walk back in, so..]

What we're not gonna do is judge the floor of my hallway in some of these photos... but if you want details on any of them, holler!

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This was the first dress I tried on, hence the "this is surreal" face! I thought I wanted this A-line style... but quickly learned that would be a no from me.
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The moment of realization.
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This one was GORGEOUS, but $1,000 over budget and sometimes you realize you shouldn't even try those on.
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This was "the one" for a while. I tried it on less than a month after getting engaged so I didn't buy right away... but I planned on finding it back at home... until I didn't.
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Sleeves seemed like a good idea... until this.
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This is the dress my mom and bridesmaids LOVED. They made me try it on twice, add a veil and bouquet to talk me into it... I still don't know why.
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This was another big contender for me. I loved the tulle bottom. I have since showed my husband and he is full of disgust for this.
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How about a CAPE instead of a veil?! It's cool... but didn't seem bridal.
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This one has a blue underlay instead of the usual cream or white! While I loved it with my hair... it didn't match our warm-colored wedding.
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This was a rehearsal-night reject from ASOS. It was just meh.
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This was a bachelorette/bridal shower reject... for no real reason.
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Another shower/bachelorette reject.
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Okay leather minidress felt very me, but that's why I didn't keep it. I wanted to go with dresses that were a little out of my norm.
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I really thought I wanted a tulle wedding dress for rehearsal night... since it was opposite of my wedding dress and tulle feels so bridal... I was wrong.
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This was rehearsal plan B. I thought about keeping it for Jingle Ball... but back to ASOS it went.
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My faces always showed me dissecting the dress and what I did and didn't like. Looking back, I do love this one... but not more than what I wore.

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