Mandy's Fri Blog: Mike Rosen at the Movies and Heidi Ganahl!

December 3, 2021

MIKE ROSEN JOINS US AT 2 FOR BAD JOKES AND MOVIE REVIEWS As he does every week. He and Dave are reviewing something or other.

HEIDI GANAHL IS ON TO TALK HOMELESSNESS Heidi wants to be Governor and she is as focused on the homeless issue and all of it's disparate parts as I am. She joins me at 1:30 to discuss. Find out more or support her campaign (PLEASE) by clicking here.

IF YOU HEARD DEDE WAGNER CALL IN Here is her website as she runs for House District 25!

DENVER PUBLIC SCHOOLS JUST ELECTED THE VILLAGE IDIOT VICE PRESIDENT Yes, Tay Tay Anderson is now VP of the Denver School Board. The man whose sole accomplishments are getting cops out of schools and using his position to beg for diapers for his kid is now VP. He also went on quite the tear where he said all cops were corrupt, though he didn't call them cops and he made a grammatically incorrect statement to do so. Find that fun video here, but there is bad language in it from our new VP of DPS.

IF YOU'VE GOT TO PEE, DON'T PLAN ON USING UNION STATION Because the security guards are telling people the bathrooms are not safe to use. CBS4 followed up the "lawless hellhole" that is Union Station and you can see their report here. You really should see it.

JEN PSAKI BLAMES RETAIL CRIME RINGS ON COVID WITH A STRAIGHT FACE And I almost feel sorry for her for having to sell this line of crap. Watch this. It's Covid and guns, they are the problem.

PSAKI CAN'T POLISH THE JOB NUMBERS TURD HOWEVER And I heard an economist blaming the spectacularly wrong predictions of 550,000 new jobs in November that came in with a measly 210,000 instead on Covid. If things are so uncertain, why do they keep predicting? Just asking.

THIS IS A GREAT HISTORY OF SANTA IN HIS CURRENT INCARNATION And we have a man who wrote a poem and Coca-Cola to thank for the images we all think of when we see Santa. Read more here!

THE BABYLON BEE IS COVERING THE JUSSIE SMOLLET TRIAL They were the FIRST to break the story of his defense, which is that he can't be tried for his crimes because he was murdered last night.

THREE NFL PLAYERS LIED ABOUT THEIR VAX STATUS AND HAVE BEEN SUSPENDED And being suspended from games means no paycheck for those games so this is a BIG deal. Read who the scofflaws were here.

DENVER BUSINESSES ARE THREADING THE NEEDLE ON VAXXING OR MASKING And though I feel a lot of sympathy for businesses making this choice, I'm glad it's up to them. This is a good article about how businesses are choosing whether to ask for vax cards or requiring mask wearing. Whatever they choose, please remember that they have been placed into this difficult situation by politicians. Period.


A VIDEO OF CATS BEING JERKS Because of the dog video yesterday.


DUDE, THIS ROBOT IS THE FUTURE OF THE ROBOT TAKEOVER Because they made one that can smile and it's freaky as all hell.

ALEC BALDWIN'S SAVE FACE INTERVIEW WAS AN UNMITIGATED DISASTER And this is a perfect example of someone's ego telling them something that is not true. In this case it was Alec Baldwin deciding that all he had to do was sit down for a softball interview and get his story out and BANG it's all over. Except this is not good:

Only a narcissist could taken an innocent life and not feel guilty. What an ahole this guy is.

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