Huge, Angry Crab Snaps Golfer's Club In Two In Terrifying Video

By Dave Basner

January 4, 2022

Photo: Getty Images

When most people think of crabs, they picture tiny crustaceans skittering across a beach, but it turns out crabs come in a much bigger form and can be incredibly dangerous, as some golfers recently witnessed.

The men were putting around on a golf course, where else but Australia, when they returned to their golf bags and on one of them was an enormous coconut crab, also known as a robber crab. The species can grow to over three feet in width and weigh up to nine pounds. It's also incredibly strong. One of the golfers compared the creature's claw to a chainsaw as the animal snapped a golf club in half.

It turns out the clip was actually recorded in October of 2020 but is going viral because the son of Paul Buhner, the man who filmed the incident, recently sent it to a friend.

Buhner told that what is now circulating is an edited version of the clip, explaining, "The originals are much funnier but I understand the need to edit out some of the colorful language."

It happened on Christmas Island, an Australian territory located in the Indian Ocean 930 miles west of the mainland. The island is known for its crabs, and while the coconut crabs live there, Christmas Island is better known for its red crabs. An estimated 43.7 million of those are on the island and each year when they migrate they blanket the area.

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