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Shock Poll: What Dem Voters Want to Do to the Unvaxxed

By Clay Travis and Buck Sexton

January 17, 2022

BUCK: I have to tell you right now, I think that the Fauciite apparatus is almost more terrifying than ever in some ways, even as the information comes out to show that they were wrong yet again about stopping the spread, even as they’re now admitting — they are admitting, so they can try to ding me on social media for misinformation. They’re admitting that cloth masks are “ineffective.”

They won’t say, “They don’t work at all,” but it doesn’t work. It’s not going to protect you from Omicron, okay? They admit this. So they can keep trying to — and when enough Democrats in prominent positions say it, you’d think they’d have to actually accept that this is has been a reality we’re dealing with. And here just to point this out is Dr. Fauci… Clay, I wanted to break this down for a second before we get into this polling from Rasmussen who’s talking about disinformation. And what does that even mean in the era in which we are of covid?

FAUCI: I believe the entire world is facing — but we certainly are facing it in a very, very disconcerting way in the United States is the amount of disinformation that is accompanying what should be a problem where everyone pulls together against a common enemy which is the virus. We have disinformation that is entirely destructive to a comprehensive public health endeavor.

BUCK: What is he talking about, Clay?

CLAY: It’s a fantastic question ’cause as I’m listening to that — and that’s the first time I’ve heard this clip. I’m sitting there trying to say, “What is the disinformation?” It seems to me, Buck, that every bit-of-disinformation almost exclusively have come from Fauci and the CDC. What is…? I mean this honestly: What is the equivalent in disinformation of the fact that they told us that initially the vaccines would prevent anyone who got the vaccine from getting or spreading covid?

That’s not true. They told us, as you just pointed out, that cloth masks work, that your kids were gonna be in danger if they weren’t in masks. They told us that six feet mattered even though six feet doesn’t matter. I run through everything that the CDC and Dr. Fauci has beaten the drum on, and almost all of it has been rejected, including the likelihood of where this virus initially emerged. What disinformation? I mean this honestly, Buck.

I can’t even contemplate what he might be referencing that is actually disinformation that is hindering the overall rates of vaccination. Remember, Buck, 86% of people 18 and up have gotten at least one shot of the covid vaccine, 95% of people 65 and up. Those are overwhelming high numbers. The biggest fallacy, the biggest disinformation of all is the idea that if everybody was vaccinated covid would go away. Almost everybody had been vaccinated, and covid hasn’t gone anywhere. It’s actually higher than it’s ever been.

BUCK: You know, Clay, in the Soviet era, they had term. The Soviet members of not just the Politburo but the entire apparatus, they refer to somebody as a counterrevolutionary because the revolution was the whole heart of the Soviet project. So if you were called a counterrevolutionary, it didn’t matter if you had done anything. You were just a bad person.

This is how I think the Fauciites deploy misinformation and the unvaccinated, right? There’s all this misinformation out there, and the bad guys and gals are the unvaccinated, and he never really engages with the arguments. What’s going to happen now that Glenn Youngkin has gotten rid of the mask mandate in Virginia, and what has happened in Florida with Ron DeSantis not allowing a mask mandate to be in place?

Everything is fine. But they never change. They never have to actually grapple with this. They make up bullcrap studies to try to justify their madness, and to give someone a sense of the madness the otherizing that the Fauciites — and really Fauciism, which is now a religion, I think, for a lot of people, are willing to engage in — here are some stats. This is from a Rasmussen poll came out just a couple days ago. Clay, check this out: 59% of Democrats would support requiring home lockdown for those who won’t get a vaccine. Okay. This is China stuff. Yeah, and maybe we have to, what, like the Salt Lake Tribune?

CLAY: I’m gonna get to that in a minute. But, Buck, think about that. That’s 60% of people, just about, who are Democrats would support me being locked in my house because, even though I’ve already had covid twice and recovered from Omicron, because I won’t get a covid vaccine. That’s scary.

BUCK: It gets worse. If you are unvaccinated, 55% of Democrats want to fine you — as we said — 59% want to lock you in your home; 48% want you fined or imprisoned for questioning vaccine efficacy’ 45% want to force you into, quote, “designated facilities;” 46% want you digitally tracked — and this is one that I think is gonna real fire people up — 29% want to have the state take the children of the unvaccinated until they’re willing to get vaccinated “for safety reasons.” These people are out of their minds. It’s disgusting, and Anthony Fauci and all of his supporters and all of his little enablers are to blame for this mass hysteria.

CLAY: All of those things should be directly asked of Dr. Fauci. Right? Buck, this is one of the things that’s so frustrating about the fact that we supposedly have this fourth estate of media that are gonna hold people in positions of power accountable. Dr. Fauci should be directly asked. He should be shared those data points which is from a Rasmussen poll, right, Buck, of Democrats?

BUCK: Yep.

CLAY: Every single one of those data points that you just shared with our audience, Dr. Fauci should be directly asked. “Dr. Fauci, do you believe that people who are unvaccinated should be locked up in their house as nearly 60% of Democrats believe?” and all the way down to the 29% that believe that the children of the unvaccinated should be taken. And, by the way, if you think that sounds outlandish, there are battles right now in Canada — have you seen these stories, Buck — about parents who are unvaccinated not being able to see their children, not being able to interact with them?

Again, Fauci talks about misinformation. Why do those people believe what you just read, Buck? It’s because they believe Joe Biden when he says that we have a pandemic of the unvaccinated. I actually feel sorry for the Democratic voters here and the people who are being polled because, first of all, I can’t imagine living with the fear that they must have lived with. But they have created in their minds, based on what their leadership has told them, the idea — the idea — that if we had 100% vaccination rate, covid would be gone right now.

And, by the way, if you think this is some small percentage of people, this is what Justice Sotomayor and what Justice Breyer — based on their questions, and probably Elena Kagan as well — believe. This is why, Buck, I’ve kept sharing all that data on the NBA, the NFL, and the NHL, because all of those leagues are almost 100% vaccinated, and they’re all setting records for covid right now. Young, healthy male athletes who have virtually zero risk from covid.

They’re all vaccinated, setting all-time records for the number of infections. So Fauci — talking about misinformation, Buck? The biggest misinformation of all is the idea that if everybody had gotten this covid vaccine, that covid would have gone away and that the people who are unvaccinated are the only people who were keeping us from being back to normal, that’s a hundred-billion percent not true.

BUCK: Here we are with over 200 million people vaccinated in America, and as of January 16th, yesterday, 801,000 new cases, 1,964 deaths on average, and the 14-day change is up almost 100% for new cases. If this isn’t a massive failure of Fauciism, because remember what the promise was — and that was how they justified these overreaches. That’s how they justified them.

If you’re listening to this and you got fired from your job, it wasn’t for your safety. It was ’cause you were a risk to other people, they said, if you won’t get the vaccine. Oh, yeah, what happened here? How are we at almost 800,000 or 900,000, even a million cases a week ago when we’ve had all this vaccination that’s gone on?

CLAY: No doubt, Buck. And also remember Tuesday, I believe it was, Dr. Fauci said everyone’s going to get Omicron, and somehow that story didn’t really register with the vast majority of people. Maybe it didn’t register with them ’cause a lot of people in the media didn’t cover it. But, Buck, this is what I was saying last week, why it’s so integral for people to understand.

Everyone who is unvaccinated at this point — and I’m in this category — we’re primarily a risk to ourselves. I’ve had covid twice. If I die one day from covid, it’s my fault, right? Everybody can tap dance and say, “See, Clay Travis is dead ’cause he chose not to get the covid vaccine,” right? It’s highly unlikely based on having beaten covid twice that I’m gonna die of covid — or die with covid, we probably should say even.

But when everybody is going to get covid through the Omicron variant, which is what Dr. Fauci said, there’s no basis whatsoever to require vaccination because if everybody’s getting it. You can’t even argue anymore that the unvaccinated are spreading the virus widely. Everybody’s getting it, Buck. So how can you justify a mandate in any way? Particularly because, again — this didn’t get a lot of attention, either — the CEO of Pfizer, one of the companies that is making this vaccine, said his first two doses had limited, if any, effect on covid at all.

BUCK: Can I just…? Just for a second here, Clay: When you’re seeing that almost one-in-three Democrats would take away people’s children over this, what is wrong with these lunatics? Can you imagine? You’re gonna watch someone have their children taken from them because they won’t get a shot that is pretty crappy, as we all know, and that this is for a virus that has a 99.7% survival rate in the Delta phase, never mind what it is in Omicron.

There’s a deep emotional and psychological damage that people have suffered from believing all of this stuff, and I think they’ve lost a piece of their humanity in the process. They’re forgetting that we live in an imperfect world, stuff happens, and we have to go on living our lives, and you can’t control everything. And anyone who tells you they can is lying to you and just wants to control you.

CLAY: Also, this is where history makes you very humble, because you and I are both history nerds. I say that with affinity for other history nerds out there. History is so important to study because what it shows you is that humans are on constant cycles, and nothing ever happens for the first time, and what you see time after time, Buck, is the people who think and argue oftentimes the most aggressively that they are on the right side of history are oftentimes totally on the wrong side of history.

The idea of taking away your children, the idea of putting people in internment camps over covid? These are things that have happened throughout American history, and guess what? Everyone who has done them has ended up on the wrong side of history. Same thing with banning books, by the way, which is another thing. Banning ideas. Not allowing discourse. The First Amendment. All of the people who are trying to curtail debate, usually, you study history, end up on the wrong side of it.

This story originally appeared in Clay Travis and Buck Sexton

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