Average Milwaukee Omicron Victim is 71.5 Years Old, Has 2.45 Comorbidities

By Dan O'Donnell

January 18, 2022

The most comprehensive analysis of Omicron variant data yet shows that the average death in Milwaukee County was a person aged 71.5 with 2.45 comorbidities. "The Dan O'Donnell Show" looked at all 277 COVID-19 deaths from December 1 (when Omicron became the dominant COVID strain in America) through January 17 listed in the Milwaukee County Medical Examiner's Office database. The Milwaukee County Medical Examiner's Office is one of the few in the country that lists comorbidities for each COVID death.

Only 15 of the 277 deaths (5 percent) had no listed comorbidities, while 145 (52 percent) had three comorbidities or more. Easily the most common comorbidity was diabetes, which appeared in 34 percent of all victims (a total of 94). 73 of the 277 victims (26 percent) were suffering from hypertensive cardiovascular disease, and an additional 50 (18 percent) had hypertension.

Nearly all of the deaths were in people older than 65. The Omicron variant did not kill a single person under the age of 30 from December 1 through January 17, and it killed just three people under the age of 40. Of those three, one was listed as being morbidly obese, while the other suffered from severe cognitive impairment. Just 13 people under the age of 50 died, and of those seven were obese and four morbidly so. All except one had serious comorbidities, and the average number of comorbidities in each victim was 2.4. Only 41 people under the age of 60 (15 percent) died of the Omicron variant, and almost all of them suffered from significant comorbidities, including morbid obesity, diabetes, and heart disease.

The data shows that the Omicron variant, like both the Delta variant and original strain of COVID-19, is almost exclusively killing those who are older and in poor health. 27 (10 percent) were suffering from congestive heart failure, while 18 (6 percent) had cancer.

58 of the deaths (21 percent) were in those who had been vaccinated. All but one of those victims suffered from significant comorbidities.

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