Mandy's Fri Blog: Danielle Neuschwanger Wants To Be Governor!

January 21, 2022

WE HAVE SOME REALLY GOOD GUBERNATORIAL CANDIDATES And a third Republican is running for the primary nomination and she is Danielle Neuschwanger. She has a LOT of fans in this audience according to my emails and I'm interested in hearing what she has to say. She's on at 1. Find out more about Danielle by clicking here.

MIKE ROSEN JOINS US AT 2 As he does every Friday to talk about movies and shows. Today we're reviewing House of Gucci, The Witcher and what may literally be the WORST MOVIE EVER that Antonious told us about. That's at 2.

THIS IS WHY GOVERNMENT SHOULD DO THINGS LIKE MUNICIPAL BROADBAND Fort Collins is on the hook for about $35 million in cost overruns from the disastrous rollout of their municipal broadband known as Connexion. After hiring what appears to be a completely incompetent consultant to oversee the project it never came close to the rosy predictions and is now years behind schedule and ridiculously over budget. Going forward, there will not be the ongoing investments needed because government wants to spend it's money on freebies people see, not the ones they don't. This is dumb, dumb idea.

MEATLOAF HAS PASSED AWAY And I am seriously bummed, as Bat Out of Hell was the soundtrack to a good portion of my life. He was 74 and had recently gotten covid. RIP, Mr. Loaf.

LOUIE ANDERSON PASSED AWAY AS WELL It's been a bad day for entertainers. The bigger than life comedian died at 68 from complications from cancer.

POLITICIANS ARE MOVING AWAY FROM MASK MANDATES And this is a FINALLY for me. This article about Ouray considering another mask mandate shows just how far we've come. From the article:

County Administrator Connie Hunt suggested an informal approach instead, and indicated she doesn’t think the commissioners have the authority to enact a mandate without an active emergency declaration.
“Right now, we’re not under an emergency declaration like we were before, where the Board of Health could, by and through Tanner, issue an order,” she told the commissioners last week. Instead, she suggested discussing it with Ridgway and Ouray officials. “But if everybody would agree, okay, to do this and participate, then maybe each entity could be on board, you know, and get the messages out separately, versus reinstating the emergency declaration and for the Board of Health to issue an order, because that’s kind of where it would go if you wanted.”

People are sick of masks, we all know they don't work and this needs to end.

THE KING SOOPERS STRIKE IS OVER As a tentative deal has been reached between Kroger and the workers union. Details of the new deal haven't been released yet and I'm interested to see how they differ from King Soopers "Best, Last and Final" offer that they recently publicized.

A PRISON GUARD IS SUING COLORADO OVER RACIST DIVERSITY TRAINING And I hope this is the first on a LONG LINE of lawsuits about the racist and divisive "diversity, equity, and inclusion" trainings that are taking place around the state. He worked at the Limon Correctional Facility and was forced to go through training that alleged all white people are racists. From the complaint:

Unfortunately, the Colorado Department of Corrections had different ideas. Its official and mandatory training insisted that all whites are racist, that they perpetuate white supremacy, that the very notion of race was invented by white people to justify the oppression of people of color, that white supremacy is an ever-present feature of daily life in the United States, and that whites who deny their own racism are merely “fragile” racists who cannot accept their own prejudice.

The suit seeks to stop the racist training from ever being done. I hope they win.

DEMS ARE TRYING TO KEEP THE MONEY WE ARE OWED VIA TABOR And of course they will. The state took in WAY MORE money than they anticipated and because of the Taxpayer Bill of Rights, we are supposed to get some of that back into our pockets. But according this article, the Democrats in power are trying to fudge the books so they can keep it. From the article:

One state senator recently described what that means in practice: “In a typical year we might have $300 million or $400 million of discretionary spending decisions to make. This year we basically have $4 billion.”
For workers in our state who’ve gotten accustomed to the constant call to absorb new tax increases, this is a welcomed change. And you might think any lawmaker would be content with this unexpected inflow of funds to allocate. But despite a gusher of our tax dollars, Democrats on the Joint Budget Committee have signaled they may try to “rearrange” state funds to reduce or eliminate those taxpayer rebates.

THE MEDIA "GOTCHA" OBSESSION WITH LAUREN BOEBERT IS STUPID Yesterday I see this story about Lauren Boebert making a comment to a bunch of Orthodox Jews being lead around the Capitol by another member of Congress. She apparently asked them if they were doing "reconnaissance" and the men were confused and "not sure whether to be offended or not". If you keep reading you see Boebert's explanation about why she made the comment, and it has to do with HER being accused to helping some of the January 6th rioters "do reconnaissance" because she gave a large group a tour around the Capitol. It was a bad joke that landed poorly, and yet there are news stories EVERYWHERE about it in an effort to paint Boebert as an anti-Semite. This is just ridiculous and I'm frankly embarrassed that any editor of any news organization would publish this gossipy bit of trash as real news.

WANT TO KNOW THE STORY OF AMERICAN PIE? My friend Gentry Thomas did an interview with Don McClain about the iconic song in it's 50th Birthday and it's really good. Here it here.

IT'S BEEN A FEW SINCE WE HAD SOME KIFFNESS And today he enlists a Chinese grandpa teaching his granddaughter a song.

POOP ANALYSIS SHOWS OMICRON IS ON THE WANE IN COLORADO And it's behaving here just the same way it ripped through everywhere else. Now poop analysis shows that the virus is on the decline.

JUST BECAUSE, HERE'S ROCKY MOUNTAIN HIGH BY JOHN DENVER Because I don't know if you've noticed how glorious the mountains have been lately. I have.

THIS IS A GREAT COLUMN BY BERI WEISS ABOUT THE RISE OF ANTI-SEMITISM IN AMERICA And it is rising, and it's okay with many, many people, which is not okay with me. As a person of Christian faith, I will always protect my Jewish friends with whom I share a significant religious foundation. But not everyone feels this way. From the column (which may be paywalled but you really should subscribe to her Substack it's that good):

The pair hated cops and they hated Jews, a sentiment apparently driven by the twisted ideology of the Black Hebrew Israelites, who believe that they are the real Jews and that the real Jews are pretenders. Jews are “imposters who inhabit synagogues of Satan,” Anderson wrote on social media. “They stole our heritage, they stole our birthright” Anderson said, before he murdered a young mother named Mindy Ferencz, a young man named Moshe Deutsch, and a 49-year-old Ecuadorian clerk who worked at the deli, Douglas Miguel Rodriguez. (Theymurdereda police officer and father of five named Joseph Seals earlier in the day.) 
The day after the shooting, I went to the supermarket to do some reporting for a column I expected to publish. Unlike in Pittsburgh, there was not a single flower or condolence card. Just broken glass, and Hasidic Jews working with construction workers to board up the ransacked building, which was riddled with bullet holes. There were no television cameras.
No one in my social media feeds, to say nothing of mainstream reporters, wanted to look very hard at the killers’ motives or at the responses among some members of the community. Inone videoI came across, a local woman said that her “children are stuck at school because of Jew shenanigans. They are the problem . . . I blame the Jews. We never had a shooting like this until they came.” 
Joan Terrell-Paige, a school official in the city, explained on her Facebook page that the murderers effectively had no choice. The Jews (she called them “brutes”) had caused their killers to murder them. “I believe they knew they would come out in body bags,” she wrote of the killers. “What is the message they were sending? Are we brave enough to explore the answer to their message? Are we brave enough to stop the assault on the Black communities of America?”
The governor of the state and the mayor of Jersey City called for Terrell-Paige’s resignation, but unti learlier this month, she remained in her job. Shortly after the attack, John Flora, a Democrat running for Congress described her comments as “an invitation for the entire city to discuss honestly what led up to such a horrific event,” going on to talk about various ills like gentrification.
I want you to imagine if, in the wake of the Walmart massacre in El Paso of August 2019, which left 23 dead and 23 others injured, a serious person—a politician—took the shooter’s complaint about a “Hispanic invasion of Texas” seriously. 

If you are blaming a group of people not like you for your ills let me clear things up. Your ills are your fault. Fix them, fix you. #jewishlivesmatter

SOUTHERN AMERICANS DON'T GET ENOUGH EXERCISE And the biggest issues are in the South. This article tries to blame racism by mentioning that poor neighborhoods don't have as much green space, but I'm here to tell you it's too damn hot and humid for nine to ten months of the year to want to go outside in the South anyway.

THERE'S A NEW SUPERFOOD IN TOWN AND IT'S IN POMEGRANATE There is a substance in pomegranate called urolithin A that seems to turn back the clock on our mitochondria, which in turn turns back the clock on aging. Bad news is pomegranate is weird and gross, good news is it comes in pill form.

AUSTRIA REQUIRES THE JAB And they are even levying fines against those who chose not to. This as the vaccines have shown themselves to be completely ineffective against Omicron.

NBC CLAIMS JOURNALISTIC NEUTRALITY BUT THEN HIRED BIDEN SUCKUP YAMICHE ALCINDOR So this whole article about how the head of NBC News says they are working to "hold the middle" is complete garbage as they just hired LITERALLY the biggest Democrat cheerleader IN THE WORLD away from PBS in Yamiche Alcindor. This story about Alcindor's Jen-Psaki-like tweets about Biden's train wreck presser needs to be sent to this delusional dude from NBC. Hold the middle? She can't even FIND the middle.



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