Mandy's Mon Blog: A Spicy Email Exchange, Plus Social Studies Changes

January 24, 2022

Y'ALL ARE GONNA DIE WHEN WE READ THE EMAIL EXCHANGE I HAD WITH BILL PENZEY Now I'm assuming it was the real Bill Penzey and not some intern because the hate was consistent with the hate against people who lean right in his newsletters, but I genuinely couldn't believe it kept going as long as it did. This is GOLD, I tell you, GOLD. Just remember, Penzey's Spices HATES YOU if you lean right so please don't give them any of your money. Wait until you hear this, we're doing it at 12:30.

THE NEW SOCIAL STUDIES STANDARDS IS A CRT NIGHTMARE Pam Benigno from the Independence Institute is on at 1pm to discuss the proposed changes which introduce "otherness" to kindergartners, focuses on the worst parts of our history, and other such nonsense. You can stop this by weighing in via this link right here. You can read Pam's letter to the Colorado Department of Education by clicking here. Find the FAIR petition by clicking here.

WHY DID DON MCLEAN WRITE AMERICAN PIE ANYWAY? My friend Gentry Thomas did a GREAT interview with Don McClean that you can listen to here, but I asked him to come on and talk about it today at 2 just for fun.

SCHOOL CHOICE IS STILL UNDER ATTACK IN COLORADO We have a vibrant school choice program in Colorado with lots of educational options for our kids. From private to charter to traditional neighborhood schools, parents have a lot of options on what is best for their kids. This column lays out the ways that the Democrats continually try to take away that choice from parents. They want to change the language to allow union controlled school boards (like Denver's) to deny new charter schools based on whatever they want. Parents if you love allowing all parents to make the best choice for their kids, please pay attention to all of this. It's very important.

A UNIVERSITY STRAIGHT OUT OF 1984 HAS LANGUAGE CORRECTIONS FOR YOU Because words like "grandfather" and "housekeeping" have been deemed "problematic" along with a bunch of other words. If you think you can figure out WHY these words are problematic, good luck because the logic is so tortured you've got to have a serious case of wokeism for it make sense. Enjoy the nonsense here.

HERE'S A FOLLOW UP STORY ABOUT THE HORRID WOMAN ON THE VET BOARD If you missed the story where anti-ranching animal rights activist Polis appointee Ellen Kessler called the people she was partially in charge of via her appointment on the Veterinarian Board "lazy" and "nasty" here you go. She MUST be removed. MUST. Polis declined to remove this vile woman, defending her right to disparage our ranchers with impunity. I wonder what would happen if she had said gay people were lazy and nasty?

THE GOVERNOR IS SHOCKED THE LAWS HE SIGNED HAVE MADE THINGS MORE EXPENSIVE IN COLORADO And because it's an election year he's out crying alligator tears about the high cost of living his party helped create. Don't fall for it. Read about this crap here.

A DENVER ELEMENTARY SCHOOL IS TEACHING KIDS THE NUCLEAR FAMILY IS BAD Guess which school is doing this? If you guessed the same school that hosted the Families of Color Playground Night you'd be right! Centennial Elementary is teaching its children about BLM this week and how to destroy the nuclear family! From the article:

The school outlines the "Black Lives Matter Guiding Principles" that will guide its instruction. The guide, obtained by nonprofit group Parents Defending Education, includes definitions of a number of terms, including "restorative justice," "diversity," "transgender affirming" and "queer affirming."
Also among the principles defined were "globalism," described in the guide as "our ability to see how we are impacted or privileged within the global black family," and "Loving Engagement," which the guide says is "the commitment to practice justice, liberation and peace."
Additionally, the instruction guide defined "Black Women" as "the building of women-centered spaces free from sexism, misogyny, and male-centeredness," and "Black Families," which creates "a space that is family friendly and free from patriarchal practices."
Centennial Elementary School also vows to teach students its definition of "Black Villages," the disruption of "western nuclear family dynamics and a return to the 'collective village' that takes care of each other."

So if you are a little boy at Centennial Elementary you are essentially being told you have no space as a grown adult in the black family. I'm sure that will be very helpful going forward. My question is why aren't the parents at Centennial Elementary furious? Especially the DADS who have kids there?

A WESTMINSTER CITY COUNCILLOR WANTS TO LET PEOPLE MAKE THEIR OWN CHOICES And Rich Seymour is introducing a resolution tonight to allow Westminster citizens to make their own choices about masking and shopping and dining out. Read it here.


WE'RE SIGNALING TO PUTIN HE CAN HAVE UKRAINE As we pull the families of embassy staff out of Kiev. I sure hope Europe can get it together to do something because they are the ones who are in deep doodoo if Putin decides to recreate the Soviet Union. I have no interest in putting American troops on the ground in any way shape or form to be clear here. It would be nice if had tried to play some leadership role in bringing Europe together but lets be real, Biden can't even lead this country. NATO is trying to put together some plan, but when Ireland is the tough talker I am not sure this is going to work.

OH, AND BECAUSE OF BIDEN, WE'RE BUYING MORE OIL FROM...WAIT FOR IT...RUSSIA I can't even with how stupid this man is. I can't even. Read more here.

JEN PSAKI TELLS DEMS TO DRINK AND TAKE A KICKBOXING CLASS if they are disappointed by the multiple failures of the Biden agenda. Yep. Margaritas and kickboxing. Watch this.

SARAH PALIN'S DEFAMATION SUIT AGAINST THE NEW YORK TIMES STARTS TODAY And this is going to be VERY interesting to watch. She sued over an editorial which blamed her for the shooting of Gabby Giffords six years earlier. The problem is the New York Times news staff had already completely debunked the assertion that Gifford's shooter was anything more than a seriously mentally ill man with a fixation on Giffords in the paper's own pages. The New York Times is going to have to argue incompetence as a defense and that alone will make this worth watching.

CANADIAN GOES TO FLORIDA AND IS BAFFLED BY FREEDOM This column almost seems like a joke, but alas, I think he's serious. The writer admits he rented a condo in Florida. Why? From the column:

I recently fled Quebec for a week, a refugee from Legault’s 2.0 curfew-and-confinement rules.

Imagine my surprise when he was SHOCKED to find people not spending every second of every day being worried about Covid. You can read his nonsense here. See, he wants something between the horrid lockdowns Canada is enforcing and what he calls the "cowboyland" of Florida. I sure hope Goldilocks figures it out.


THANK GOODNESS THEY HAVE A TRANS M+M THAT IDENTIFIES AS A SKITTLE. I read it in the Babylon Bee, it must be correct.

THE RAPID TEST MAY NOT CATCH ALL COVID And this just means I'm taking a rapid test before I go on my cruise in March. I'm not stupid. They are trying to make them better but if you need a "passing test" you have a strategy.

ANOTHER FEDERAL JUDGE BLOCKS BIDEN'S VACCINE MANDATE And this thing is falling apart like a house of cards. Read more here.

OPPOSING VOTER ID IS RACIST TO THE CORE Because the opposition is solely couched on the notion that black people are incapable of acquiring an id or that they can't make it to the polls on ANY DAY other than a Sunday or some such trash. This is a great column about that and makes the case beautifully.

THE SUPREME COURT IS HEARING ARGUMENTS ABOUT AFFIRMATIVE ACTION IN COLLEGE ADMISSIONS And I have to say, this is going to upset the apple cart in a BIG WAY. Harvard is being sued for discriminating Asian students who are literally penalized on their applications for being Asian and North Carolina is being sued for discriminating against Asian and white students. This should be good, pop some popcorn.




WE CAN SEE A WHOLE NEW WORLD WITH THE WEBB TELESCOPE Size does matter and the Webb telescope is BIG. What makes this telescope, which just reached its location in space, so important?

Its infrared and spectroscopic sensors are designed to peer into the visible universe’s edge roughly a quarter- to a half-billion years after the Big Bang, when the universe became optically transparent (an event called “recombination”). Prior to this, scientists posit the ionized universe was hot to enable stable atoms to form.
To provide some perspective, 500 million years is as distant from the present as when trilobites first appeared, but represents less than 4 percent of the universe’s estimated age. The infrared spectrum—with light wavelengths somewhat longer than the visible spectrum—is also less opaque for interstellar dust, enabling astronomers to see celestial objects otherwise obscured from earth.
As the universe expands, the light from distant celestial objects decreases in frequency, so the visible ultraviolet photons upon reaching our instruments have stretched their wavelengths into the infrared or even microwave bands. Stephen C. Meyer, the author of “Return of the God Hypothesis,” explains Webb’s importance to improved cosmic understanding in our ongoing quest for knowledge.

AND FINALLY, BALLS OF FLOOF PLAY IN THE SNOW And now I want a ball another of floof.

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