Mandy's Tue Blog: Why Do City Folk Try to Regulate Hunting?

January 25, 2022

WHY DO WOMEN WHO DON'T HUNT THINK THEY SHOULD REGULATE HUNTING? I am assuming of course that the four women from Boulder County, Jefferson County and Fort Collins don't hunt because they are Democrat women and I have literally never HEARD of a female Democrat hunting (I have hunted with a male Democrat so I know they exist). The bill in question is so bad three of these women have already dropped off their primary sponsorship after actual hunters and ranchers told them how stupid it is. I've got two men who are in the thick of this fight on today at 1. Luke Wiedel and Dan Gates are with Coloradans for Responsible Wildlife Management to talk about why not allowing people to hunt mountain lions, bobcats and lynx is a bad, bad idea. Find out more about CRWM by clicking here, and donate to their GoFundMe by clicking here.

DAVE MADE A TERRIBLE MISTAKE THAT HAS COST HIM He entered the Publisher's Clearinghouse Sweepstakes online WITHOUT buying anything. Woo boy. This is too funny to not share and also a cautionary tale.

THE NASTY ANIMAL RIGHTS ACTIVIST HAS RESIGNED FROM THE VETERINARY BOARD After the latest kerfuffle over her comments calling ranchers "nasty" and "lazy" on a Facebook post by the First Gentleman, himself a longtime animal rights activist and friend of Ellen Kessler. Kessler resigned yesterday and I'm not sad one bit.

A COP WITH AN ONLY FANS PAGE RESIGNS WITH A SEVERANCE SETTLEMENT I have mixed feelings about this. Now former Arapahoe County cop Melissa Williams has left the department with a $30,000 severance check after her subscriber only OnlyFans page, where she posts explicit and sexual content sometimes featuring her husband as well, was exposed to the department. The department says she broke the rules about secondary work, and that may be true, but this is really because sex work (and yes, having sex on camera is sex work no matter how you look at it) is looked down upon by many people. My feeling is this. If she isn't worried about one day meeting one of her subscribers in the jail where she was working why should I? And let's be real, without dudes willing to pay $10 a month, there is no sex work, so let's stop shaming this woman for providing a service someone else wants.

DENVER IS ABOUT TO GIVE A PROTESTER FROM THE SUMMER RIOTS 500K Because he got shot in the face by a non-lethal projectile during the unrest. I am appalled by this. If you are going engage in activity with a mob, then you have to accept the consequences for engaging with a mob. The police did not fire on peaceful protesters who weren't doing anything. He was next to a woman who threw a bottle because he chose to be part of the mob. I sure hope business owners who were left to themselves to protect their businesses from the mobs who had windows broken and other damage sue the city too. Because if this jacktard is getting cash they deserve some too. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes indeed.

DENVER IS ABOUT TO THROW MORE MONEY AT SAFE CAMPING SITES This is ridiculous. We are paying MILLIONS of dollars to set up urban campgrounds for homeless people and we're about to spend more. I read this article with interest wondering if they were going to tell us how many of these urban outdoorsman actually get OFF the streets via these safe camping site. Imagine my surprise when I saw this:

With the Regis University site set to shut down by the end of March, the CVC is hoping to soon sign on two more locations, so that the city will have four safe-camping sites that will serve 370 people over the year. The CVC is aiming to get ninety of those individuals into more permanent housing.

So they are "aiming" to get less than 25% of these folks off the streets. This is considered a "successful" program? I'd love to know where the other 73% are going to go? Or are they just going to permanently camp in downtown Denver? This is garbage and that money should be redirected to permanent shelter systems where treatment and help can be obtained while we permanently ban this thing we're now subsidizing. Anything we do should have "aims" of getting everyone off the streets and letting anyone thinking of coming here that they are not welcome and will not be welcomed should they come.

THE GOVERNOR HAS BEGUN TO BUY HIS WAY BACK INTO THE GOVERNOR'S OFFICE We all know that Jared Polis bought his way into the Governor's mansion (not that he LIVES there, but you know what I mean) by spending a whopping $23.4 million of his own money the first time. He's already put almost a million into this year's campaign. Let's disprove the notion that one can buy one's way into office, okay?

COULD THE SUPREME COURT GUT THE CLEAN WATER ACT? To be clear, no one is in favor of dirty water. However the EPA has been overreaching for YEARS on the definition of "navigable waters" when it comes to the Clean Water Act. They have expanded the definition to the point where every piece of ground that ever gets rain could be considered a "navigable water" which is insane. Now there are two cases that could seriously check the EPA's power and this is a good thing. The pendulum needs to swing back the other way a bit. Read more here. The EPA has brought this on themselves entirely by ignoring a prior Supreme Court ruling in one of these cases so I have no pity.

OLD MAN BIDEN CALLED PETER DOOCY A STUPID SON OF A BITCH And I honestly don't care one iota about this story, just as I didn't care one iota about Trump bashing the media. It's a tough world and if you don't like it, don't go into journalism. One thing I DID enjoy was CNN's Brian Stelter having his words of condemnation thrown back in his face on Twitter and his par for the course whiny bitch, excuse making response. Heh. Read it here. Here is the audio from the presser.

To his credit, Peter Doocy is having fun with it.

Just remember these little nuggets from our President:

LITTLETON PUBLIC SCHOOLS IS LETTING TRI COUNTY VACCINATE KIDS WITHOUT PARENTAL CONSENT And here is a great Twitter thread about two students who went undercover and the subsequent dustup with the parents.

WANT TO FIGHT CANCER? HAVE SOME GUAC Because foods like avocado contain a healthy dose of magnesium that helps your immune system fight off tumors and cancer. Check more here.

EXERCISING IN THE MORNING OR AT NIGHT HAS A DIFFERENT EFFECT At least in the mice in this study. I usually don't share mouse studies because so few of them really translate into human stuff, but this is interesting because it shows that exercise doesn't just affect the muscles you're using, they affect seemingly every organ on some level. Exercise in the morning seems to help weight loss, whereas exercise at night seems to help blood sugar control. At least in mice. Read more here.



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♬ You - Petit Biscuit

JOY REID IS AN IGNORANT HATE MONGER The fact this woman still has a job should be shocking, but MSNBC can't wait to put her on every show they can to spew filth and vile lies. Read THIS WEEK'S selection here.

TV REMOTES ARE ALLEGEDLY GETTING BETTER But I'm not going to lie, I only know how to turn the channel on one tv in my house currently. The others have new remotes like these and I haven't been bothered enough to figure them out. That article I linked to says they are getting better. I'll take their word for it.

ONE CALIFORNIA MOM IS SUING THE SCHOOL DISTRICT THAT ENCOURAGED HER DAUGHTER TO BE TRANSGENDER This stuff happens ALL. THE. TIME. It used to happen just with gay kids, where teachers would scare gay kids into believing (many times without any merit at all) to hide their homosexuality from their parents. Now they are not only urging children to hide any gender dysphoria from their parents, they are actively working to HIDE a pronoun change from parents. Just read this from the article:

After the district moved to remote learning in 2020, however, the student was distanced from school personnel and “began to return to her old self.” She transferred to a different district last year and now goes by her original name and female pronouns.
Even so, the student is “confused about issues relating to her sexuality and gender, and she believes that Respondents caused this confusion.”
“A.G. believes that she was pressured by [the teachers] into portraying a character they created, a character that, by being inhabited and hidden from her mother, has taken on elements of reality that A.G. must now learn to understand and live with,” the claim said. “A.G. also believes that Respondents tried to turn her mother against her, and that her relationship with her mother has been seriously damaged.”
In October, the teachers hosted a workshop at the the teachers association’s LGBTQ conference on “How We Run a ‘GSA’ [Gay-Straight Alliance] in Conservative Communities,” saying they used Google to scout candidates for the club and avoided maintaining a roster to keep parents in the dark.

They are using our kids as some sort of token of their own wokeness and this is disgusting. Boy I hope she beats the crap out of them in court. The simple question here is: who is responsible for your children, parents or the school district?

THE INQUISITION IS BACK IN FINLAND And I can't actually believe this story is happening. Finland has put the Bible on trial. Not religious beliefs although they are at the heart of this case, but the actual Bible. The prosecutor read aloud from the Bible in court. She asked the defendant if they followed God's law or Finnish law. Before you think to yourselves how lucky we are, as we become more secular and less church-going, I can totally see something like this happening here.


CELEBRITY DATING GAME WITH AOC From our friends at the Babylon Bee.

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