Mandy's Wed Blog: There is Some Good Energy in the Colorado GOP

January 26, 2022

KRISTI BURTON BROWN WANTS TO FIRE UP REPUBLICANS And if you follow her on social media you know she is FEARLESS when calling out the Democrats in Colorado for the disastrous effect their policies have and will continue to have here. She helped craft the Commitment to Colorado that the GOP unveiled last year which you can read about here. I'm excited to speak with her.

PLEASE DON'T BE UGLY TO STAFF TRYING TO FOLLOW DUMBASS RULES This story is making me very unhappy. You guys know how I feel about masking and how stupid it is. But I handle it like this. If I know a business is going to require a mask because the government is forcing them to do so,I simply don't go there. If I MUST go there, I recognize that it is not the fault of the people working there, they are simply being told to enforce dumbass rules, and I don't take it out on them. The Children's Museum is now closed until Feb 3rd because people were being so mean to the staff there. The staff doesn't make the rules. Don't be a jerk.

DISTRICT ATTORNEYS ARE NOT HAPPY WITH KING POLIS They say he went to far and undermined the justice system by prematurely commuting the sentence of the truck driver who killed six people in a truck accident. The big issue is that the case was STILL IN the trial system and they DAs rebuked him for not waiting until it was truly done. The letter is quite harsh and I bet he will pretend he didn't even see it.

OMICRON HAS PEAKED IN DENVER AND EL PASO COUNTIES And as those are two huge metro areas, this is great news. Omicron has behaved here like it has behaved everywhere else, ripping through the community with unprecedented speed. If we weren't test obsessed I bet most of us would think the pandemic was already over.

AURORA MAYOR MIKE COFFMAN IS REINTRODUCING AN URBAN CAMPING BAN And good for him. Since he last introduced it, a significant shift has happened on the Aurora City Council that took it more to the right, so this may have a chance. From the Denver Gazette:

In August 2021, Coffman proposed the same ban, which failed in repeated 5-5 tie votes. Despite the conflicted council, Coffman has stood behind his proposal, calling it a better option than what the city is doing now.
“I lost my proposal to ban urban camping in Aurora by just one vote,” Coffman said. “Under the current policy, encampments are only abated at the discretion of city staff and there is no requirement to provide an alternate location for those in the encampment to go to.”

His proposal would require a seven day warning before busting up camps and that the city not bust up camps if they don't have enough shelter beds to accommodate those displaced, which should make this right with an earlier legal ruling that required such beds to be available. I'm trying to get the Mayor on the show.

A NEW PILOT PROGRAM TO ADDRESS SCHOOL SAFETY IS BEING UNFURLED And I hate to say it but I'm glad Colorado is leading on this, as we have had more than our fair share of mass shootings. Read more here.

DEMOCRATS DON'T CARE ABOUT BAD TESTS THAT KILLED OLD PEOPLE And they voted against an audit that may have been critical of the Governor to prove it. Republicans wanted an audit of just how an unproven testing company whose only qualification seems to be it was owned by a friend of Governor Polis's and why they were given $90 million dollars. Democrats voted on a party line to vote to simply NOT look into it. These bad tests most certainly lead to some of the 1,100 nursing home deaths from Covid, but the Democrats don't seem to care. If they did they would do the audit, but they won't because it's an election year and they don't care about 1,100 dead old people because they can't vote. Or can they?

ASPEN PARENTS ARE FIGHTING THE CHILD MASK MANDATE And you can knock me over with a feather on this one. Parent spoke to the Aspen City Council about the detrimental effects the continued forced masking of children have and asked them to intervene with the Pitkin County Health Department to end these masks. Read this from the article:

Morgan Warth, a mental health therapist in the Roaring Fork Valley who works primarily with kids, families and teenagers, said the impact of COVID-19 restrictions on children’s mental health is concerning.
“The Aspen Hope Center has reported that in the 12 months of 2021 compared to the 12 months of 2019, there’s been a 130% increase in crisis evaluations for kids 11 and under … they are kids who are suicidal enough to warn a professional evaluating their risk for hospitalization within 24 hours,” she said. “There has been a 64% increase for adolescents ages 12 to 18 and a 28% increase for adults ages 30 to 39, which is many parents in the valley.
“I think those are pretty staggering statistics and show very clearly that our kids and families are in crisis.”

That is pretty sobering and not wrong. They should look at Douglas County to see how our kids are doing unmasked. Spoiler alert: They are doing just fine.

EVEN DEMOCRATS DON'T LIKE JOE BIDEN RIGHT NOW I should as "as much" because after any election the team whose person wins is all about that guy or girl. Not so much anymore. Here is an article about some bad, bad news from some Pew about just how disappointed in Biden his own party is becoming. This is GREAT news for the GOP in the midterms. GREAT news.

IF FAST FOOD RESTAURANTS WERE PEOPLE Taco Bell cracked me UP this morning.


THOSE "FREE" COVID TESTS THE GOVERNMENT IS SENDING OUT? MADE IN CHINA. And I realize that our manufacturing sector has been crushed by offshoring, but this seems ridiculous as we can't even get straight answers from China on how the virus got out of the lab in the first place. We spent over a billion dollars on these tests, so yay China?

UNVACCINATED PEOPLE ARE LESS CONCERNED ABOUT GETTING COVID This article talks about a new survey of people about their attitudes on Covid. Democrats, unsurprisingly are concerned about EVERYTHING even when their views are entirely inconsistent. Like they are concerned about remote schooling having a harmful effect, but they also support shutting down schools until the mild and mostly nothingburger for children omicron variant is done. They are scared of everything, while unvaccinated people are not, sometimes to their peril and death. It's sad what fear has done to some people and their ability to reason effectively. Both sides have been done a disservice by their respective teams, imo.

WHAT'S BEHIND THE SHARP RISE IN INTRACRANIAL INFECTIONS? An intracranial infection is when there is an infection on the brain and they aren't super common. They can cause brain abscesses which require immediate and serious medical care and can be life threatening with permanent damage left behind on occasion. So why are we seeing so many of these things pop up right now, an increase of 60 fold? Some docs speculate that it's the masking, or the vaccines (this increase has happened since the introduction of the vaccines, or even the swabs being shoved up our noses for testing purposes. It needs more study but the government has successfully threatened doctors that if they say anything bad about the vaccine they risk losing their licenses.

THIS IS AN INCREDIBLE COLUMN ON TRUMP AND THE FUTURE OF THE MAGA MOVEMENT And I've not seen the challenges during Trump's administration posed by the Establishment laid out so clearly before, or the argument that Trump is not the right person to continue what he started so well anywhere else. It's long and worth every minute of your time. Read it here.

SENATOR RON JOHNSON HELD A COVID ROUNDTABLE AND YOU SHOULD AT LEAST WATCH THE HIGHLIGHTS The entire roundtable was five hours long but here is 30 minutes of highlights you need to watch.

TECH COMPANIES ARE OFFERING PRODUCTS TO COMBAT ANXIETY And all of these things are gimmicks that use tried and true techniques that you can do for free without some fancy stupid rock that allegedly helps you breathe and be mindful. You can read more here if you want.

DOES HOUSEWORK OR A 30 MINUTE WALK EXHAUST YOU? YOU COULD DIE SOON And I'm actually TRYING to scare you into physical activity by sharing this study which showed if these simple things exhaust you, you are almost THREE times as likely to DIE in the next three years as the people who AREN'T exhausted by them. The study was on people over 60, so take note and take a walk! Walking just ten minutes a DAY could do the trick. Read this.

COLLEGE STUDENTS VALUE FREE SPEECH, BUT NOT TOO MUCH And the numbers of black or hispanic students who say they feel unsafe because of speech proves we've done a great job convincing them they are victims who need to be afraid of WORDS. Read about the polling here and find hope in some places and worry in others.

IDIOT ANTI-SEMITES THROW DUMB FLYERS ONTO PEOPLE'S DRIVEWAYS If you are one of the fools who did this, I ask you this question. If someone you didn't know threw an anonymous flyers about some subject into your driveway, how much credence would you give it? This is just a dumb waste of time and money and I sure hope someone's Ring camera caught the people doing this so they can be told publicly what total idiots they are.

WHEN IT'S REALLY HUMID IN THE SOUTH And as I'm headed to Orlando this weekend, this will be me.


LATE ADDITION: JUSTICE BREYER IS GOING TO RETIRE And as this will swap a reliable liberal for a screaming lefty but it won't affect the overall makeup of the court at all. Read more here.

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