Mandy's Thu Blog: A Climate Summit You Want to Attend

January 27, 2022

WANT THE REAL INFO ON CLIMATE CHANGE AND ENERGY PRODUCTION? The Steamboat Institute's Jennifer Schubert-Akin is on to talk about their upcoming climate and energy summit. You'll hear from some scientists and policy makers during this two daylong event. No one does these better than Steamboat. Sign up or even buy a sponsorship by clicking here. Read Jennifer's latest column about it here.

DENVER POLICE CHIEF PAUL PAZEN GETS REAL In an interview with the Denver Gazette about crime, he had a LOT to say about what's happening AFTER the police arrest someone. He spoke frankly about the release of criminals on personal recognizance bonds, not charging people with firearms possession crimes for illegal guns, the defelonizing of crimes and how that ties the hands of police, the lack of judicial transparency around who is letting these people out,and the defelonization of meth and other hard drugs. Read it here, but I will share the details on the show.

DENVER IS THROWING MORE MONEY AT SAFE CAMPING SITES Even though they only aspire to get less than 25% of the homeless people living in them off the streets. Almost 4 million more dollars were allotted to more safe camping sites, likely in neighborhoods where they are not wanted.

DON'T FALL FOR THE AFFORDABILITY TALK FROM POLIS Because he's only saying it because he wants to get re elected. Remember, he and his political team raised the price of pretty much EVERYTHING in Colorado, without our permission, by passing more onerous fees and taxes. Now he's freaking out because inflation has made EVERYTHING more expensive and his policies are on display. My friend Rose Pugliese writes a great column here about the Governors deeds and not his empty words.

MORE LOCAL GOVERNMENTS ARE COMING TO THEIR SENSES ON MASKS The latest is Larimer County, which is now re evaluating it's mask mandate. This as the Pueblo Health Board voted to make masks optional in schools. We may finally be seeing the light at the end of the stupid mask tunnel.

DENMARK IS DONE WITH COVID RESTRICTIONS As they are counting on high vaccination rates to deal with the rest of omicron. It's back to normal there.

BRONCOS HAVE A NEW HEAD COACH And they will be doing a presser on it today at some point which we will carry live. Find out a bit about new Head Coach Nathaniel Hackett here.

DEAR REPUBLICANS, GIVE THEM THEIR SUPREME COURT NOMINEE Democrats are already hoping that a bruising nomination process will damage the GOP heading into the midterms. They only way to prevent that is to not bruise the nominee, whoever they are. Biden has already committed to a Black Woman as the nominee, excluding all other potential diversity categories who have never seen a seat on the court. This justice will not change the makeup of the court, so give it to them. Just give it to them.

KIDS WHO GO TO PRE-K DO WORSE IN READING AND MATH THEN KIDS WHO DON'T And this is going to set heads spinning in the free pre-k/free daycare world. A new extensive large study which followed a group of students who attended Pre-k and a group that did not showed clearly that the rosy projections of Pre-K advocates are not born out in any of the data. And this isn't the only study to show this, there are many and they are referenced in this Substack column.

NEIL YOUNG FOUND OUT YESTERDAY HOW MUCH POWER HE DOESN'T WIELD When the aging and irrelevant rocker published an open letter to Spotify demanding they remove Joe Rogan's wildly popular podcast they just paid $100 million to stream or his music. Spotify is working on removing the irrelevant rocker's music now. Heh. Read about the kerfuffle here.

THE FED IS RAISING RATES IN MARCH They signalled as much at their latest meeting. They are finally trying to do something about inflation. We'll see if it works.

WHY DON'T THE DEMOCRATS WANT SCHOOL TRANSPARENCY? That is the question answered in this column and the answer won't surprise you. The column also clearly outlines how the Trump Administration fully broke the ACLU and how far from their original mission they have strayed after Anti-Trump Dems donated a crap ton of money and demanded fealty.



DID WE NEED A STRIKE AT KING SOOPERS? King Soopers President Joe Kelly was on Colorado's Morning News and he said in the interview "it was pretty much ratified based on our last Best and Final offer" which was on the table BEFORE the strike. I've got that audio. The union has been out claiming credit for the deal, acting as if the work stoppage was necessary to force the deal they finally let their members vote on. He also points out that the union authorized the strike based on a labor issue that was never even heard by the National Labor board. I'll play the audio today.

RIP CHARLIE BROWN'S VOICE The actor who voiced the titular character in so many specials has passed away. His story post Charlie Brown is tragic, and he suffered with mental illness and addiction his entire life. He died by suicide.

THE EYES ARE THE WINDOW TO THE HEART ATTACK A new eye scan has been shown to successfully predict a heart attack in the following twelve months. The test is about 80% accurate, which is really good for a non-invasive simple scan. This could be a game changer in preventing heart attacks, which not only kill a bunch of people, but also debilitate sufferers considerably.

DENVER'S RISING CRIME HAS MADE NATIONAL NEWS And they asked regular residents what they thought and the answers are not surprising. Watch it here.

THE BABYLON BEE HAS A LIST OF SUPREME COURT NOMINEES And this is hilarious and perfect at the same time.

SOMEONE TOOK VIDEO OF ME TRYING TO U TURN ON THE SIDE OF A MOUNTAIN Okay, this isn't me because I ripped the running board off my car and did 6k in damage. But this is nerve wracking as hell.


PRO TIPS FROM PARENTS ON GETTING A BABY TO STOP CRYING And some of these are....questionable.

LIZ WARREN IS BEING SUED FOR ASKING FOR CENSORSHIP Senator Liz "I'm Native American" Warren sent a letter asking Amazon to censor a book called "The Truth About Covid 19" and now the publishers are suing her, alleging she used her authority to violate the author's and publisher's First Amendment rights. I sure hope this goes to trial so we can deal with politicians "urging" businesses to do their bidding when it comes to violating the First Amendment.

AN HEIRLOOM DETECTIVE RETURNS A LETTER FROM THE HOLOCAUST TO IT'S RIGHTFUL FAMILY This is a cool story. Cool because the woman featured has made it her habit to search for lost family heirlooms at flea markets and other places and returning them to the families. She found a letter written in 1943 and spent months tracking down the remaining relatives. Read more here.

THE UNIVERSITY OF CHICAGO IS FULL OF LEFTIST CLAPTRAP CLASSES And they don't even hide it in the course descriptions. One conservative student has written about the inane courses here. From the column:

“Marxism, Anarchism, and the Black Radical Tradition,” “Witchcraft and the Cultural Imagination,” “Trans-bodies in Horror Cinema,” “The Problem of Whiteness,” and “Transnational Queer Politics and Practices” are not course titles invented by “The Babylon Bee” to mock the state of America’s universities. Rather, they are real classes I came across this year while scrolling through the course listings for the University of Chicago’s winter quarter. 
As a senior, I had flexibility in my schedule to take a class simply for the joy of learning, irrespective of whether it fulfilled a graduation requirement. This should have been an enjoyable experience. Instead, the process left me fearful of the close-minded young people being inculcated by my school and so many other academic institutions. 


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