Jake Johnson Gave Some Hilarious On-Set Advice To Hannah Simone

By Diana Brown

February 21, 2022

2011 Summer TCA Tour - Day 10
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Zooey Deschanel and her New Girl co-stars Hannah Simone and Lamorne Morris host the New Girl rewatch podcast Welcome To Our Show, and it’s as friendly, funny, and relatable as the sitcom itself. In this episode, they talk about Lamorne’s first appearance as "Winston Bishop" and the clues writer Liz Merriweather left in his lines that proved “she is a psycho – in the best way.” Their co-star Jake Johnson’s inability to handle smartphone technology might be laughable, but his tips on how to make life easier for yourself on set are the stuff of genius. And their game of True American (“where the rules change weekly and you leave more confused than when you showed up”) might start some real pop culture wars. 

Because Hannah was playing a model on the show, but she and Zooey are the same height, the wardrobe department insisted on making her wear four-inch heels every time she was on screen. One day she was complaining to Jake about how much her feet hurt, and he told her she should have told them “it was a character choice” for her to change into something more comfortable when her character wasn’t working. “‘I said Jake was the kind of guy who sits on the couch with a beer in his hand, and look how it’s worked out for me!’” she remembers him telling her. “I was like d****t, that’s genius!” 

The most “Apartment 4D” conversation comes when they play True American. They have to decide which superhero would win in a fight – if all superheroes were stripped of their powers. Zooey makes a pretty good case for Batman, since he already doesn’t have powers. “He’s the best superhero!” she insists, before admitting that she hasn’t actually watched a Batman movie since she was a kid. Hannah comes in out of left field with an argument for the Care Bears (“strip them of their powers, and they’re bears. You ain’t winning a fight with a bear!”) while Lamorne makes a hilarious but strong case for Keanu Reeves. If you love New Girl, trust us: Welcome To Our Show will be your podcast kryptonite.

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