Tyler Cameron Reveals His New Passion On 'How Men Think'

By Diana Brown

February 22, 2022

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On the How Men Think podcast, a different celebrity man takes over the phone lines to give callers advice about, well, how men think when it comes to sex, dating, long-term relationships, even therapy and bisexuality. On this episode, Bachelorette fan favorite contestant Tyler Cameron talks with several women about how to meet people without being on the apps, keeping things fresh in a marriage, whether “breadcrumbing” is worth dealing with (spoiler alert: it isn’t), and more. Currently, the reality star is competing on FOX’s new show The Real Dirty Dancing, and its influence really shows itself in Tyler’s answers. 

A couple of callers – a newlywed and a woman who’s been married for several years – ask him for advice to hang onto “that newlywed feeling” or keep things interesting after so many years together. With both women, he comes back to the same piece of advice: “I challenge you to take dancing lessons together,” he tells them. For the woman who’s been married awhile, it would be a nice excuse to go out and learn something new together. “It’s gonna show y’all a different side of each other, you’re going to have to be vulnerable, come out of your comfort zone.” After the class, they can go out and have a drink together and enjoy each other. Even at home it could come in handy: “Move over the coffee table, make some room, dance, and have a h*** of a night.” 

For the newlywed, he thinks it could keep things fresh right from the start. “I think you gotta keep doing different things,” he tells her, and dancing “will create so much more intimacy. It’s so much fun, and it’s something completely out of the ordinary.” He recognizes that he keeps bringing it up, saying at the end, “I’ve talked a lot about dancing because dancing changed me….helped me with my vulnerability, helped me put myself out there….dancing can do so much.” Sounds like trying to become the best Patrick Swayze he can be really had an impact on him! Hear all his great advice about How Men Think on this podcast and catch The Real Dirty Dancing Tuesdays on FOX.

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