Nearly 400 Gallons Of Fuel Stolen From North Carolina Gas Station

By Sarah Tate

March 16, 2022

Photo: Getty Images

The price of gas has risen astronomically over the past few weeks, leading drivers across the country scrambling to find the cheapest fuel. With the cost of a gallon of gas soaring, some drivers in North Carolina have taken to more criminal ways to find affordable fuel.

Hundreds of gallons of gas were stolen from Bizzy Bee Grocery and BP gas station in High Point on Monday (March 14) after thieves waited until close to fill up their tanks, according to FOX 8. Owner Hardik Patel said around 400 gallons of fuel were stolen in less than an hour.

"It lasted about 45 minutes until the police found they were here," said Patel. "But between that time, there were maybe 15 cars probably. Filled the gas close to 400 gallons."

According to the news outlet, a person was seen pointing a device at a pump to siphon gas before going around to other cars and filling their tanks. Once around a dozen cars were waiting to get their free gas, a suspicious customer called police and tipped them off.

"It's abnormal at about 10-12 cars at that time," said Patel. "We have a lot of regulars watching around the bad parts. And at that time, they knew something was wrong."

After losing around $1,600 worth of fuel, Patel wanted his story known so other gas station owners don't experience a similar theft.

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