Keith Richards Afraid Eric Clapton Has Gone 'Awry' With COVID Conspiracies

By Andrew Magnotta @AndrewMagnotta

March 21, 2022

Keith Richards expressed dismay at how Eric Clapton has publicly handled his misgivings about the COVID-19 vaccines.

Speaking with the Rolling Stone Music Now podcast, Richards described his old friend's views on vaccines as "old fashioned. He suggested the COVID conspiracy claims that Slow Hand has endorsed are only prolonging the pandemic.

"I love Eric dearly," Richards began. "I've know him since forever, and we've had ups and downs. This COVID thing — it's split people up and made people sometimes go awry for a while, you know?"

Early in the pandemic, Clapton was a vocal opponent of COVID-related lockdowns in the U.K. When the vaccines were released, he pushed several baseless theories about vaccines causing infertility and other serious health consequences. He also reported having a severe reaction to the AstraZeneca shot, though he did receive both doses.

Richards things it's strange that someone without a background in medicine would have such strong feelings about a vaccine, but he's cutting Clapton a break.

"I just want to get rid of this damn thing, and the only way I can see us doing it is everybody does as the doctor says," Richards continued. "I don't understand quite why some people are getting so wound up about it. You wouldn't get wound up about the flu or something, you know what I mean? And [COVID is] even worse. And I'm no doctor, but hey, this thing works in various nasty ways on people, and we all have to bear with each other. We all have to have a little sympathy."

The Rolling Stones are planning to tour this summer to celebrate their 60th year as a band. The first round of tour dates in the U.K. and Europe were announced earlier this month. Go here for more details.

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