iHeartRadio On The Verge: Dove Cameron Talks Her New Song "Boyfriend"

By Taylor Fields

March 22, 2022

Earlier this year, Dove Cameron — iHeartRadio's newest On The Verge artist — released her latest song, "Boyfriend," a Queer anthem inspired by her own experience, and a song that she feels "really represents [her]."

In her new track, Dove talks about her friend not being treated right in a relationship, and boasts that she could be a better partner as she sings in the chorus, "I could be a better boyfriend than him/ I could do the s*** that he never did/ Up all night, I won't quit/ Thinking I'm gonna steal you from him/ I could be such a gentleman/ Plus all my clothes would fit."

In a statement to iHeartRadio, Cameron explained of the song, "My strong 'Boyfriend' is about the very universal Queer experience of, for me, especially growing up Queer, I heard so many stories about how the wonderful women in my life, who I absolutely adored and worshiped and thought the world of, were simply not being treated as the Goddesses that they were — I felt they weren't being treated as well as they could be. And they were stressed about boys who were kind of doing the bare minimum or less than the bare minimum. And just that kind of longing of being like, 'Ugh, I could be a better boyfriend than this guy. Like God, how hard can it be?' And just that kind of feeling of worshiping the women around you and wishing that you could treat them the way that they deserve. It's been such a great experience having a Queer anthem that I feel really represents me, and I'm happy. Everybody's been so kind about it."

After releasing the song, she penned a note to fans on social media about what it has meant to finally share the song with them, and shared lines from her actual notebook. She wrote:

"Even though boyfriend is a sexy recount of a particular night late last year, it's also how I felt growing up queer & feeling heartbroken over/for the women around me who I wished I could treat better than the men who never saw the fullness and the magic of who they were. Any woman who isn’t treated like she's God's literal gift. Most confusing s***. Thank you for listening to my little song. You have no idea what it means to make something empowering & true to me & have it resonate with you."

There is plenty more on the way from Dove, and if 'Boyfriend' is your first taste of her, the singer/actress describes her music as "a lot of big sounds, a lot of jazz influence, a lot of very sexy, very sultry, darker — I guess I might call it like swanky goth-pop, and definitely a lot of energy and theatrics."

You can hear "Boyfriend" across iHeartMedia radio stations nationwide, and Dove explained of hearing her song on-air, "It still blows my mind. It still makes me feel like I woke up in some alternate reality and I'm like waiting. It feels like a really, really, really, really long dream. And I keep waiting for someone to be like, 'Psych! You're being punk'd.' So I don't know, I haven't gotten used to it yet. I'm really, really grateful for the support. It's like the best dream ever for."

Dove Cameron
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