Papa Roach Open Up About New Album & Stepping Outside of Their Comfort Zone

By Taylor Fields

April 12, 2022

Papa Roach released their new album Ego Trip and celebrated big just a few days later during their iHeartRadio Album Release Party.

Ego Trip is Papa Roach's 11th full-length studio album following 2019's Who Do You Trust?. The new project features fourteen new songs, including the previously-released "Stand Up," "Cut The Line," "Kill The Noise," "Dying To Believe" and "Swerve" featuring FEVER 333 and Sueco. In a statement, the band's Jacoby Shaddix explains of Ego Trip, "Now isn't the time for comfort or conformity, but to be inspired and build something new. Something better, in order to channel something more."

During their iHeartRadio Album Release Party, the guys opened up about their new album and more during an exclusive Q&A with iHeartRadio's Booker.

Being a band for almost three decades, Papa Roach has evolved over the years, and so has their writing process. They explained, "It's gotten a lot more fun, that's for sure. There was a certain point, I feel like we had to take control of what we wanted creatively. And I mean, especially now that we're like our own label, we're completely independent now, but I'd say about five years ago, especially, we were like, we wanna work with producers, engineers, people that we wanna work with, like friends of ours. We have friends that are amazing, incredible. We wanted to find new, younger, talented people are coming up instead of making those records with like the old guy that's like making a record with your dad. So we finally just started getting in a room and collaborating with our friends there, and just having so much fun. And it has to be an experience when we make a record, and that's one of the funnest things is just ... I think that's why we keep making records is because it's fun. It's the funnest part. Just being creative, getting out there and writing, and then touring."

Papa Roach also talked about how social media has become important in not only promoting their new music, but connecting with their fans as well. They said, "It gets us direct access to our fans. You know what I mean? We don't have to go through all the gatekeepers and all that stuff. And, our team is like, we have this synergy, and we're pre-album release, we're doing way better than the last few records. So, it's working." The band added, "It's cool. It's exciting to watch happen. It's definitely one of those situations where it's like, all right, we're gonna do this. And inside in my gut, I had this little bit of fear, but I feel that that's when I'm outside of my comfort zone. That's where I experience real growth in my life. And, that's what's happening with the band is we jumped into this place and it's a little fearful, but I feel like whenever we're on the edge of like, it could totally fall apart or this could be wildly successful, that's a fun place to be."

Papa Roach also talked about some of the songs on Ego Trip, including "Stand Up," which as they explained is "a song for the voiceless." They said, "We wrote that song and right after George Floyd, it was a song for the voiceless. That's what that song is about. It's about people standing up for what they believe, standing up for themselves and also learning to just listen, you know, I don't have all the answers. And so it's an intense moment in time. Like we can go out, we've been playing these songs in front of different people, like totally different views on life, on this common denominator that brings people together. And I'm just, I'm grateful for that."

Listen to Papa Roach's new album Ego Trip on iHeartRadio.

Papa Roach
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