Sent To 'Scriberia': Behind The Scenes With 'Inventing Anna' Cast

By John Popham

May 3, 2022

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Photo: Netflix

The rag-tag group of veteran writers pushed to the corner of the fictional Manhattan Magazine office won over viewers with their no-nonsense attitude and unwavering support of fellow journalist “Vivan Kent” in her pursuit of the true story of “Anna Delvey.”

They are the residents of "Scriberia," a trio of writers on the hit Netflix drama series Inventing Anna whose Pulitzer Prizes keep them from being fired, but not from getting lousy writing assignments. 

Stacey Wilson Hunt, journalist and host of Inventing Anna: The Official Podcast, takes a closer look at these characters with the actors who played them on-screen.

“There’s something about this little Greek chorus of old people sent to journalism Siberia,” said ​​Jeff Perry, who played “Lou” on the series. “Sorry, let’s say veteran. It just really worked off the page! It was so fun to do.”

The group take “Kent” under their wing, a writer who seems in-between the green and veteran journalists. The "Scriberians" serve as her support as she chases down “Delvey’s” story despite what their bosses think.

“It’s a form of rebellion to love that which is banished and to create a space of love,” said Anna Deveare Smith who plays “Maud.”

“It's sad in a sense these people would ever feel banished when they are at the heart of these organizations,” Hunt added.

Smith feels the three castaways are secretly rooting for “Delvey,” who seems to be an underdog like them who got in over her head. Perry agrees, saying all of the writers involved with this story have gained a better perspective of the person behind the controversy.

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