Behind The Real-World Defense Of Anna Delvey

By John Popham

May 23, 2022

Photo: Netflix

The final episode of the Netflix mini-series Inventing Anna concludes with a dramatic portrayal of the trial of Anna Sorokin, also known as Anna Delvey, but how accurate was show’s portrayal of real events?

Delvey’s defense attorney Todd Spodek and Matt Byrne, the writer behind the series finale, join host Stacey Wilson Hunt to discuss their experience during the proceedings on the final episode of Inventing Anna: The Official Podcast.

“Anna did not necessarily understand that a criminal trial is not the avenue to explain your business plan or explain that you are a good person,” said Spodek. “To some degree Anna didn’t care if she won or lost, she wanted to get her story out there.”

Which is exactly what she tried to do, much to the annoyance of her attorney. For instance, Delvey took to Instagram to document her trial outfits throughout the proceedings. A move Spodek said would have been fine on its own, but the fact his client held up her own trial because of her clothing drove him crazy.

“Is anyone really surprised she was like ‘oh my god I want to wear a cool outfit?’ It’s logical she wants to wear a cool outfit,” said the Manhattan lawyer. “The illogical part (was) the execution of all that. The fits, the drama, the yelling, the back and forth, the not wearing the outfits.”

Byrne, who was in the courtroom to document the trial for the Netflix show, interviewed members of the jury once the proceedings ended. According to him, jurors could hear Delvey screaming at her attorney from the jury room. Despite these encounters, Spodek said at times Delvey could be incredibly sweet and generous.

“She wrote me a thank you note after the verdict,” recalled Spodek. “This sounds cheesy, but I saw her at her the lowest when it was just me and her. There were moments of closeness where she was Anna Sorokin, the real person. A young, frightened girl on Rikers Island.”

Hear the full interview with Spodek and Byrne on the podcast finale, "Defending Anna w/ Todd Spodek + Matt Byrne." All 10 episodes of Inventing Anna: The Official Podcast are available on the iHeartRadio app or wherever you listen to podcasts.

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