WATCH: Hikers Capture Video Of Dangerous Rockslide In National Park

By Bill Galluccio

July 1, 2022

massive rockslide in Rocky Mountain National Park forced officials to close off certain areas in the Upper Chaos Canyon near Hallet Peak.

William Mondragon was near the rockslide and described what it was like to KDVR.

“I’m not sure how illicit I could be, but it reminded me of taking psychedelics. It was intense,” Mondragon told the news station.

While officials have not determined what caused the rockslide, Mondragon said he noticed part of the glacier near the peak of the mountain was melting, sending a stream of water down the mountain.

“(It) traveled west and hit a mound of rock and dirt and sent that in our direction,” Mondragon said.

Mondragon shared a video of the rockslide on Instagram.

Ryan Albert was flyfishing at Lake Haiyaha when the large rocks came tumbling down the mountain. He told KDVR he thought it was thunder at first.

“You could tell it wasn’t thunder after you heard two or three times,” Albert said. “It was powerful. It was very, very powerful for sure. I mean, that’s a lot of earth moving at one time.”

Park officials said that the area near the rockslide remains unstable and could get worse with heavy rain in the forecast over the weekend. They advised hikers and climbers to be alert and practice due diligence while enjoying their time in the park.

“The mountain seems to be trying to send you a message. Maybe heed its advice,” Mondragon said.

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