A Boa Constrictor Is On The Loose In Michigan, Officials Not Looking For It

By Taylor Linzinmeir

July 7, 2022

Jiboia -  (Boa constrictor)
Photo: Getty Images

A boa constrictor is reportedly on the loose in Kent County, Michigan, according to WOOD TV.

The Kent County Sheriff's Office said they have received multiple reports of the snake on the loose. Community members left tips saying they spotted the boa constrictor near Indian Mounds Drive in Walker, near Millenium and Johnson Parks. The sheriff's office also said Kent County park staff have been made aware of the loose snake, which they believe is an escaped pet, but that they're not actively looking for it.

Boa constrictors are typically 8-10 feet long and eat a wide variety of foods, like birds and small animals, according to John Ball Zoo Conservation Manager Bill Flanagan. He also said that they are generally not a threat to humans when released into the wild, but they can be a source of pathogens to local populations. In addition, he does not recommend keeping the snakes, which kill their pray by strangling them, as pets.

The Kent County Parks Department urges anyone who spots the animal to call animal control. They also warn residents not to try to catch the animal yourself or interact with it.

This is not the first time a pet snake has escaped and slithered its way through Kent County. A 16-feet long, 140 pound circus python named "Big Sid" made headlines over 40 years ago in a similar situation.

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