Kehlani Remains Unbothered While Being Berated By Herschel Walker's Son

By Tony M. Centeno

July 13, 2022

Photo: Getty Images

Kehlani was in line at Starbucks when she was approached by an eccentric social media personality who went off on the singer while they were in the drive-thru.

On Wednesday, July 13, content creator Christian Walker posted a video of his recent encounter with the blue water road singer and accused her of talking smack about him to a barista. According to Walker, the singer, who was ahead of him in line, allegedly told the barista that he is an "a**hole" and suggested to stay safe around him. Apparently, he became aware of the comments and decided to confront her.


"Everyone's entitled to an opinion and you're so rude or you wouldn't be telling barista workers that I'm an a**hole," Walker screamed.

"You're so obnoxious," Kehlani calmly responded.

That's when Walker got out of her car and got closer to the singer. As he continued to berate her, Kehlani looked completely unbothered. Instead of entertaining the interaction further, Kehlani simply said "God bless you" and proceeded on her way. On Instagram, Kehlani responded to the mess unfolding online the only way a Taurus would. She reposted a screenshot of the face she had on while Walker was screaming her along with an old tweet he made in 2016, in which he said he loves her. The singer also revealed how she was able to stay so calm during the tense interaction.

"I would like to end with this -- I was on in virtual therapy session that entire time," Kehlani wrote. "therapy works babes i'm proof."

Walker is a right-wing content creator who's also the son of Herschel Walker, the current GOP nominee in Georgia for the US Senate. Watch the full interaction and catch some of the hilarious reactions below.


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