Gavin DeGraw Soulfully Covers A Maren Morris Hit Because Of A Unique Dare

By Kelly Fisher

July 14, 2022

Photo: Getty Images

Gavin DeGraw responded to a TikTok user’s challenge, and it led to an epic cover song. DeGraw smiled as he read the comment: “Dare you to go into a record store blindfolded, pick a record and then do a cover song of whoever you picked.”

That’s when fans can watch DeGraw walk into a record store blindfolded, guided by an off-camera voice as he reaches to open the door. Remaining blindfolded, DeGraw wandered through Grimey’s, an independent record store in Nashville, Tennessee. Ultimately, he picked up HERO, Maren Morris’ major label debut studio album that released in 2016. The 11-track collection included fan-favorite songs, “Rich,” “80s Mercedes,” “I Could Use A Long Song” and others.

HERO also included, of course, the song that DeGraw opted to cover after blindly picking up Morris’ project in the Nashville record shop: “My Church.”

DeGraw delivered a powerful acoustic rendition of “My Church,” the country hitmaker’s soulful anthem: “Can I get a hallelujah?/ Can I get an amen?/ Feels like the Holy Ghost runnin' through ya/ When I play the Highway FM/ I find my soul revival/ Singin' every single verse/ Yeah I guess that's my church.”

HERO might have been the perfect record for DeGraw to select, having recently released an album dedicated to his own heroes: his parents. DeGraw’s 10-track album, Face The River, credits “their love story, their sacrifices, and their guidance that shaped this music.”

DeGraw asked at the end: “anyone have another dare for me?” Watch the challenge on TikTok here:


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