Mandy's Friday Blog: Please Tell Me I'm Right, and Ask Us Anything!

July 29, 2022

GET YOUR WORD AND GRAMMAR QUESTIONS READY! Charles Harrington Elster joins us today at 2 for Please Tell Me I'm Right so get your word and grammar questions ready!

ASK US ANYTHING AT 1 And I'm counting on you guys to do this right and truly ask us anything you've ever wanted to know within the bounds of good taste.

WOULD YOU PAY 25 GRAND FOR A TACO? The foods on this list of stupid expensive food are obviously gimmicks designed to get people to talk about the restaurants (mission accomplished) but I'm guessing there is at least one fool who would pay for this at some point. But a taco that cost $25,000? Even if I win a billion dollars today in the lottery that ain't happening.

I LOVE THIS GROUNDHOG SO MUCH And the "story" is that the groundhog steals this farmers food from the garden but I'm thinking someone puts food in front of a camera and I don't care because I could watch this all day. The dirt free carrot is the giveaway.

MORE GUNS, LESS CRIME PLAYS OUT IN BRAZIL Brazil instituted very strict gun control almost two decades ago that took firearms out of the hands of most Brazilians. They did so because gun crime was out of control Here is graph of gun crime from 1990, before gun control, to 2022, which is three years after President Bolsonaro started relaxing ownership restrictions significantly:

The Brazilian Federal Police is VERY unhappy about the relaxation of gun laws, as they like an easily controllable population who can't fight back. And do you know WHY the President wants Brazilians to own guns? Because the population risks being enslaved if they can't fight back and gun control only benefits criminals. Based on crime rates above, I'd say he's right.

I NEED AROD TO EXPLAIN THIS MULTIVERSE THING TO ME I think my geek gene is defective because as much as I enjoy the Marvel Character Universe (MCU) movies, and I do, I can't figure out what the heck they are talking about in this article about the "multiverse". Luckily, ARod's geek gene is strong so he can help me sort this out.

WHEN THIS INFLATION CONTROL BILL MAKES INFLATION WORSE, WE CAN BLAME HICK Because he's taking credit for the almost trillion dollar green energy spending bill the Dems are trying to pass. He says he kept everyone at the table as they wore down Manchin, so when this makes everything worse, we know who to blame.

SHOULD GHOSTING BE AN EMOTIONAL CRIME? One lawmaker in the Philippines says so, and he suggests that the damage done by simply disappearing from an interaction rather than ending it decently is significant. So significant that he is introducing a bill to make it a crime punishable by community service. Yes, this is ridiculous, but is he entirely wrong though? Ghosting is the ultimate cowards move.

HERE ARE FUN THINGS TO DO IN DENVER THIS WEEKEND Because this weekend should be beautiful and you need to go outside. Find a list here.

LATE NIGHT COMICS REALIZE BIDEN IS PATHETIC And our pal Christian Toto has a great roundup of the many ways the progressive left "comedians" are taking their shots at the President after making sure he got elected in 2020. Some of these are actually kind of funny.

NOW THE DC MAYOR IS COMPLAINING ABOUT THE INFLUX OF ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS And the big winner here is Texas Governor Greg Abbott, whose decision to send the illegal immigrants who are streaming unchecked over the border to places like Washington DC and New York City is having the right effect. First we had NYC Mayor Eric Adams complaining about all the new faces being a burden, and now we have DC Mayor Muriel Bowser calling in the National Guard to help deal with the busloads arriving in her city. She even sent a letter to President Biden and got no response. She is struggling with 4,000 migrants, while the border states have seen two MILLION people flood in and no one cared. Until now. Well done, Governor Abbott, well done.

WILL A CALIFORNIA LAW ON SCHOOL START TIMES SPREAD? This is one Cali law I would not mind seeing come here and it pertains to school start times. Lots of studies have shown definitively that teens need a lot of sleep and they aren't getting it. California passed a law that prevents schools from beginning any earlier than 8:30 and I'm fine with this. Read more here. My daughter would be eternally grateful for this one.

THE BIDEN ADMIN ORDERS MORE BORDER WALL BE BUILT But don't get excited, this is just to fill in some of the gaps in the existing wall in Arizona. Apparently when you leave big holes in a fence, people just walk right through. Who knew?

A TEXAS SCHOOL TEACHES KINDERGARTNERS RACISM They can call it whatever they want, but when you tell a kindergartner during a lesson "freedom" that white people have more freedom than black people, that is racist and creates feelings of mistrust and hatred for the oppressors. They also said that white people "boss around" people of color and make life harder for black people. It literally says those very words on this lesson for FIVE YEAR OLDS. This is a private school in Austin, Texas and any parent who pays to have their children told they are bad based on their skin color is abusing their children. Read more here.

I'M SURE SHE WAS JUST TELLING THEM THEY WERE NUMBER 1 Stay classy, Representative Linda Sanchez from California, who flipped off the GOP dugout as their team was routing hers during the Congressional softball game. At least no Republicans got shot by crazed Democrats this time.

YOU COULD BE SUED FOR A FRIEND OR RELATIVES NURSING HOME CARE This is outrageous but unsurprising in the grand scheme of things. To be clear, I have no clue if anything like this is happening in Colorado, but it sure is happening in New York. For you, the takeaway is that if you have a loved one in a nursing home or are admitting anyone to a nursing home, READ EVERYTHING in the contract. And don't sign anything if you aren't responsible for payment.

A COLORADO MAN MAKES A BAD CHOICE FOR FREE SUBS This is insane. A man from Fort Collins agreed to get a MASSIVE tattoo of Subway's new logo in exchange for $50,000 worth of gift cards to Subway. I repeat, this is insane, check the photo of the tattoo in this story.

RAMPAGING GANG OF MONKEYS TERRORIZED JAPANESE CITY And some of these monkeys are trying to snatch babies and attack old people. Monkeys can be real jerks.

HOW MANY OF THESE UNHEALTHY HABITS DO YOU HAVE? This is a list of unhealthy habits that run the gamut from diet to exercise to drinking to sleep habits and I'm happy to say I only do a few on this list. Check them out here.

ARIZONA WALKS BACK THE STUDY CLAUSE IN KYLER MURRAY'S CONTRACT But the point has been made so Murray knows he needs to show up and study up before games. The clause requiring Murray to study at least four hours before games was removed from the contract after Murray expressed his unhappiness at the perceived disrespect. But again, the point was made.

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