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Krugman: We’re Not in a Recession and Recessions Don’t Matter!

By Clay Travis and Buck Sexton

August 1, 2022

BUCK: We have Paul Krugman. Yay. Get ready for this one. Paul Krugman is a Nobel laureate, so he got a Nobel Prize in economics. And I think he is the most consistently wrong predictor of and analyst of macroeconomic and political forces in American public life. This guy is wrong as much, if not more than anybody else with a small perch and profile, and the latest — and this was great — is he is now arguing that, one, America is not in a recession, and it doesn’t even matter. The term doesn’t matter. This is quite something, isn’t it?

I am not surprised at all to see the efforts that they are going to right now when it comes to “the R-word,” recession, but it’s all a function of the fact that they understand the impact this will have on their political fortunes in the midterms. If people realize we are in a recession — and we are. If the American people come to that realization, they will also think back to two years ago. Biden was he screaming about how he was gonna deliver us into a recession that would be a transition to a better future, or was he saying he’s gonna give us an economic boom and he’s gonna defeat the virus?

Well, he did neither of those things, and you can look very closely, very easily at his policies and you’ll determine that the decision-making of the Biden regime was awful and that we are in this place in no small measure because of the dumb things that they were pushing for and have pushed for all along, including just recently a giant spending bill. We’re in a huge inflationary period. We’re in a recession. “Let’s spend more money, because the government knows how to fix things.

“The government knows how to bring down prices! This government in particular knows how to bring down energy prices.” No person of good sense, judgment, and baseline knowledge believes that. But then again, Paul Krugman — maybe I’ll play this later on — says that there were no violent BLM riots. That’s what he’s saying, which is interesting because I live in the middle of what was at one point a violent BLM riot on my own street. So Paul Krugman getting it wrong in ways that defy imagination sometimes, friends.

This story originally appeared in Clay Travis and Buck Sexton

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