'We Are 50/50 Right Now': This Texas City At Risk Of Running Out Of Water

By Ginny Reese

August 2, 2022

Photo: Getty Images

One North Texas city is in danger of running out of water by Thursday morning. WFAA reported that the City of Gunter's manager told the news outlet that they are "50/50 right now as to whether or not we will run out today."

According to the Grayson County Office of Emergency Management, the City of Gunter will be out of water for sure if they keep up with the current rates of consumption.

A emergency notification to residents explained that the city's water storage tanks cannot refill fast enough due to "excessive water consumption." Officials are asking residents to limit outdoor watering "to strictly hydration and hygiene needs."

Gunter's city manager Rick Chaffin said that three of the city's water wells are malfunctioning and need repairs. Chaffin said, "Obviously, we are in a heat wave. We have excessive water usage and using wells close to 100% of the time. Just excessive use, no breaks."

Many different water features and irrigation systems have been shut down as the conservation continues. Chaffin said, "The goal is to make sure we have drinking water until we get our wells up and running."

The city plans to be transparent through the whole thing, and wants residents to know that they don't know how long repairs to the wells will take.

Chaffin said, "We feel like we can weather the storm, but I don’t want to give anybody false hope, because it’s still a very good possibility we will run out."

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