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Heartbreaking VIP Email from the Wife of a Covid Victim

By Clay Travis and Buck Sexton

August 18, 2022

CLAY: I wanted to share this email that we got from one of our Clay and Buck VIPs. You can go sign up for the Clay and Buck VIP at Nancy writes in and says, “Dear Clay and Buck,

I am still angry and bitter. I was not permitted to be with my husband as he laid dying because of Covid. No access permitted into the hospital. Then I was not allowed to access the funeral home to identify my husband’s body. Everyone was so freaky about Covid they did not even check my husband’s body bag and incinerated his glasses, phone and wedding ring, as well. How horrible this time has been, not only for me, but for many other people.”

And I think what Nancy is sharing there a lot of you experienced. Allowing and forcing people who were dying in the hospital to not be able to speak with their family members is, to me, a crime against humanity. And you need to remember who did that to you and how ineffective it was in making anyone safe. And we can never, ever allow anything like this to occur again, Buck.

BUCK: It’s heartbreaking. You hear these stories, you read them, we get emails like this, remind — this is why we stay on it. Because there’s been no justice for this. I mean, look at the CDC. They’re gonna say, “Oh, yeah, sorry. Looks like we made a lot of mistakes. More taxpayer dollars for us.” Guaranteed that’s what they’re gonna say. We need more personnel, more money, more research funding, more propaganda funding, whatever. That’s what they’re gonna say. Democrats are taking victory laps over their covid response. There are people who are so delusional and so stupid.

You know, I tweeted out something yesterday, Clay, about masking up children, including outside on the ground in the snow in winter in New York City to mask up between bites. That was in 2021. That wasn’t even the first year of the pandemic. There are people responding, saying, what’s the big deal? Children didn’t complain about it. We told kids if they didn’t wear this little face covering that they would be killing Grandma, basically. When I say “we,” that was the official line in the schools all across the country pretty much with a few exceptions. And adults are still such idiots that they think that they shouldn’t be ashamed of doing that? Really? They have no feelings of remorse over what they do to children? It’s outrageous.

CLAY: Yeah, and look. There’s a big difference between having occasionally a wrong opinion. You can always agree or disagree with any opinion you hear on the show. We try to get all the facts right that are based upon our opinions. And the facts on covid and masking and all of that data has been readily accessible for anyone that wanted to see it for years now. And there are still kids, like I mentioned, in Louisville, in Philadelphia, in Milwaukee, in San Diego that are right now being forced to wear masks even though all of the data demonstrates it is completely and utterly worthless. It is indefensible.

This story originally appeared in Clay Travis and Buck Sexton

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