Mitchell Tenpenny Defines What It Means To Be 'Farm Emo'

By Kelly Fisher

September 16, 2022

Photo: Matthew Berinato

Mitchell Tenpenny defines what it means to be “Farm Emo” on the massive album he unleashed on Friday (September 16). This Is The Heavy is Tenpenny’s highly-anticipated follow-up to his 2018 debut, Telling All My Secrets.

Tenpenny co-wrote all 20 tracks on the album, teaming up with Thomas ArcherBrad Clawson, Rodney Clawson, Devin Dawson, Chris DeStefano, Seth Ennis, Kyle Fishman, Jesse Frasure, Ashley Gorley, Josh Kear, Laura Veltz, and more. The album includes previously-released songs like “Truth About You,” “Good and Gone” and “Always Something With You,” among others that have quickly become fan-favorites since the album released:

1. “This Is the Heavy” (Mitchell Tenpenny, Zach Kale, Josh Kear, Jordan Schmidt, Michael Whitworth)

2. “Good Place” (Tenpenny, Kale, Kear, Whitworth)

3. “Always Something with You” (Tenpenny, Ashley Gorley, Matt Rogers, Schmidt)

4. “We Got History” (Tenpenny, Andy Albert, Devin Dawson, Schmidt)

5. “Truth About You” (Tenpenny, Matt Alderman, Thomas Archer

6. “Sleeping Alone” (Tenpenny, Brad Clawson, Rodney Clawson, Schmidt)

7. “More Than Whiskey Does” (Tenpenny, Albert, Kyle Fishman, Jordan Schmidt)

8. “Obsession” (Tenpenny, Daniel Ross, Whitworth) 

9. “Good and Gone” (Tenpenny, Zach Abend, Seth Ennis, Geoff Warburton) 

10. “Do You” (Tenpenny, Chris DeStefano, Claire Douglas, Whitworth)

11. “Bucket List” (Tenpenny, DeStefano, Laura Veltz)

12. “Cry Baby” (Tenpenny, Will Weatherly, Dallas Wilson)

13. “Miss You Cause I'm Drinking” (Tenpenny, Jesse Frasure, Emma-Lee) 

14. “Elephant in the Room” (Tenpenny, Christian Griswold, Sean Small, Sam Sumser, Jaten Dimsdale)

15. “Happy and I Hate It” (Tenpenny, Schmidt, Warburton)

16. “Now We're Talking” (Tenpenny, Albert, Schmidt, Warburton)

17. “Losers” (Tenpenny, Albert, J. T. Harding, Daniel Ross) 

18. “Still Thinkin' 'Bout You” (Tenpenny, Archer, Fishman) 

19. “Long as You Let Me” (Tenpenny, Archer, Fishman, Schmidt) 

20. “That's How She Goes” (Tenpenny, Brett Warren, Brad Warren)

“I spent an enormous amount of time writing during the pandemic and sharing bits and pieces of what I was working on along the way,” Tenpenny previously said in a statement. “The fans really showed up for me by giving me feedback on what they were liking. Their direction helped shape this album and stretched me as a songwriter and artist.”

Tenpenny, who stopped by The Bobby Bones Show this week, also premiered one of his favorite music videos for This Is The Heavy, the breakup anthem “Happy and I Hate It,” seeing the narrator cope with an ex moving on. Watch the video here. Listen to some of the songs below.

“Good Place”

Mitchell Tenpenny
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