This Is The Creepiest Place To Visit In Colorado

By Zuri Anderson

October 11, 2022

Spooky Hotel
Photo: Getty Images

Spooky season is upon us, which means ghost tours, haunted houses, and creepy parties. Some of the most frightening experiences come from real places with chilling stories.

Every state has histories of abandoned homes, desolate hospitals, murder sites, ghost towns, and other spine-chilling locales. Some of these spots have been used in iconic movies. Disturbing tales don't stop people from visiting these places, however.

For those thrill seekers out there, Thrillist pinpointed the creepiest locations in every state. The list includes cemeteries, shuttered homes, hotels, and natural settings.

According to the website, the scariest place in Colorado is the Stanley Hotel in Estes Park:

"If you’ve read or seen The Shining, you’ll know the feel of this often snowed-on hotel: It’s the location Stephen King based his Overlook Hotel upon. It may not look like the film—unless you watched the 1990s made-for-TV movie version, which was actually shot here—but it holds rumors of haunted rooms and service workers who still wander the grounds. Be warned: There's a much more sinister danger. The hotel has such an extreme elevation that just walking to your room can drain you, so one stiff drink may have you seeing ghosts."

Check out the full list on Thrillist.

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