Kelsea Ballerini & Fletcher Join Forces For Eye-Popping Ending To New Video

By Kelly Fisher

January 6, 2023

Photo: Getty Images

Kelsea Ballerini and Fletcher debuted a powerful music video to bring their “Better Version” collaboration to life on Friday (January 6). The cinematic story quickly had viewers gushing over the artistry, the vulnerability — and the eye-popping ending.

The music video, a short film titled Better Version (Of Me), also stars actor Ava Capri and artist Gavin Leatherwood. It was directed by Eva Doležalová. The emotional video begins with Fletcher and Ballerini in their respective relationships with Capri and Leatherwood, depicting joyful memories and escalating to sexier scenes.

But each relationship progresses through rocky moments, paralleling one another throughout the film, and apparently leading to breakups in the end.

The final scene — which has some social media users buzzing in the comments — shows Fletcher and Ballerini seated in side-by-side booths at a diner, as the two artists sing that “now some other person is gonna get the better version of me.” Fletcher accidentally bumps Ballerini as she rests her elbow on the back of the seat in her diner booth. Their eyes meet as Fletcher says, “sorry,” and Ballerini assures her, “it’s OK.”

Ballerini said Better Version (Of Me) “takes you on the parallel journey of two love stories…from the passion and happy beginnings, to the unraveling, to ultimately the betterment of yourself with the humans that meet you there.”

Fletcher, deeming it potentially her “favorite video i’ve done yet,” described the “story of the highs and lows of a relationship and ultimately it’s dissolution.”

Ballerini joined Fletcher on a reimagined spin on “Better Version,” appearing on Fletcher’s Girl Of My Dreams deluxe album. The “HEARTFIRST” artist shared her own perspective in a new verse:

“I was there on the side of your stages/ I grew up for our difference in ages/ Never thought we were subject to changes, yeah/ And I did my best to fix it/ ’Til death 'cause then I meant it/ Your next girl is gonna you reinvented and not pretendin’/ Do you think of me when you f*** her?/ Do you use the moves, the ones we learned?/ It's always the next person/ That gets the better version/ 'Cause baby, I loved you at your worst/ And I fixed your heart, but mine still hurts/ And now some other person/ Is gonna get the better version of you.”

Watch Better Version (Of Me) here (warning: explicit content).

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