Joe Goldberg Goes From Hunter To Hunted In The 'YOU' Season 4 Trailer

By Lavender Alexandria

January 9, 2023

Photo: Netflix

Netflix's hit serial killer drama 'YOU' is back and a month ahead of the release of new episodes, they've dropped a teaser trailer full of hints to keep fans guessing. The story of hide-in-plain-sight serial killer Joe Goldberg has taken him to London, where he's laying low as a professor. But the deception hasn't worked on everyone.

Throughout the trailer, we are introduced to a cast of new characters like many of the students he works with, whom he describes as "privileged douchebags." It also shows off a new woman in Joe's life, a neighbor for whom his fixation feels very familiar to fans of the show. Finally, Joe receives a series of texts throughout the trailer making it very clear that someone knows exactly who he is and what he's done. All the while authorities and the public are beginning to take interest in his killings, dubbing him the "Eat The Rich Killer" due to his high status targets.

After moving to Netflix for its second season in 2019, the show had a breakout season three which was released in October of 2021 which captured the imaginations of crime drama fans everywhere. Those same fans have been waiting patiently for over a year for more of the show and their wait is almost over. The first half of season 4 of 'YOU' is set to release on Netflix on February 9th.

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