'My Next Nightmare': Texas Beachgoer Finds Fish 'From The Depths Of Hell'

By Ginny Reese

January 17, 2023

Photo: Suzanne Choate Arceneaux

One Texas beachgoer found an unusual and downright strange creature washed up along the coast in Galveston. My San Antonio reported that Suzanne Choate Arceneaux usually finds lots of creatures washed up on the beach, but this one was something she had never seen before.

Arceneaux said in a Facebook group called Bolivar Beachcombers, "I did find a strange fish. Can someone tell me what it is?"

One user, Jessica Galbreath, joked, "My next nightmare." Another user simply wrote, "Scary."

Mark Fisher, the Coastal Fisheries Science Director for the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department said that the fish was a snapper eel, though it appeared to be in pretty rough shape.

Check out the strange creature below:

According to Fisher, snapper eels spend their day burrowing in soft sediments, so most anglers haven't seen them. He also says that they are pretty common in Galveston Bay.

Texas A&M University at Galveston says that snapper eels have narrow bodies and are elongated. They are usually tan with brown spots, have a V-shaped snout, and appear to lack eyes.

The TPWD isn't exactly sure what caused the fish to wash ashore, but says that most species end up on the beach due to weather and water currents.

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