Thu Blog: A Near Death Experience That Will Blow Your Mind

January 26, 2023

PREPARE TO HAVE YOUR MIND BLOWN BY MY GUEST TODAY It was 20 years ago that Vincent Tolman took some dodgy "supplements" ordered from Thailand and died in the bathroom of a Dairy Queen. And he didn't just die a little, he died a LOT and was even put into a body bag and was on his way to the morgue. During his "dead time" he experience an incredible journey and was given ten principles to guide him through life. Buy they book here, it is absolutely fascinating! He joins me at 1 to tell his story.

THE KIDS ARE NOT ALRIGHT Violent juvenile crime is WAY WAY up and I have to believe that at least part of it is because of the pandemic response and lockdowns. Murder, rape, and attempted murder now make up a good chunk of the kids committed to the juvenile justice system, up significantly from prior years. Those kids are more likely to need substance abuse counseling as well. Read this from the Colorado Sun for more. From the article:

It’s reached the point that, occasionally, the murder victim of one of the young inmates is a loved one of another young person held in the facility, he said. “It could have been a brother. It could have been a sister. It could have been a friend,” he said. “We’re seeing a lot more of those situations.” 

This to me seems to indicate that a lot of this is gang related and confined to very small areas of our city. A deep dive on how to help these kids choose a different path needs to happen now, because once this becomes an entrenched part of our communities it's really hard to uproot. I know it's a problem already, but let's not let it get worse. My heart breaks for these kids and their lack of future.

DENVER'S COMMUNIST COUNCILOR HAS CHALLENGERS And if anyone can connect me with these two gentleman I'd love to have them on the show. Cande CdeBaca has shown an almost childlike pollyana view of socialism and has been pretty useless on the City Council imo. She only cares about the downtrodden or people she perceives to be at the bottom of the victim pile in her district, and the rest of the people aren't happy. Read more about this race here.

TRUMP IS BACK ON FACEBOOK And I'm interested to see if this helps or hurts his case with the Republican party. I have to tell you, I think it may hurt him as MANY Republicans are finally wise to the fact that his schtick has worn thin, especially when Ron DeSantis has picked up the mantle and run with it without calling people names. Read about the end of his suspension here.

COLORADO HAS A RESPECTABLE NUMBER OF JAMES BEARD FINALISTS And if you aren't a foodie you may not know that this is a very prestigious award in the restaurant world. Read about our finalists in a variety of categories here.

THE DUMB BAG LAW ACTUALLY GOT DUMBER Because the state set it up so local authorities were supposed to collect the fees and enforce the bag ban, but most outside of Denver just haven't. So stores are charging for the bags, only to find out that no one is going to collect the money. It's creating a tax headache for them and the state has no answers. Well done, Legislators!

A BRUSH PRINCIPAL IS CLEARED After the principal kept photos that were being exchanged between high school students who were texting as evidence in the case. This is an interesting case that needs to be addressed with legislation. The principal got word that kids were sending nekkid photos. While investigating he saved photos first on his phone, and then on a confidential file in a school computer. The photos were NOT accessed after he did this. He also IMMEDIATELY notified authorities and followed the policies in place, which is what saved him from a really silly prosecution that would have labelled him a sex offender for life. The judge did the right thing and dismissed it, but the law needs to recognize school administrator investigations as valid so this doesn't happen again.

GDP GREW AT 2.9% LAST QUARTER Which is not too shabby. When you do a deeper dive into the numbers, the biggest increases seem to come from the fossil fuel sector, housing, utilities, and healthcare, so I'm not sure these are positives or just because everything is way more expensive. Read more here.


COULD WE BE HEADED FOR A ROLLING RECESSION? I had not heard this term before but it makes sense. A rolling recession is when a recession doesn't hit every industry at the same time, but moves from one segment to another instead. Charles Schwab Chief Investment Strategist talks about it here.

HOOBOY, PROJECT VERITAS HAS SOME REALLY DAMNING STUFF ABOUT PFIZER And I wish I were surprised but Pfizer and Big Pharma as quite the track record of putting profits before people. Watch this video for more.

You can see the entire story here. Expect the media to declare this unfair because it was filmed on the down low.


ANOTHER EXAMPLE OF THE TRANS LOOPHOLE BEING EXPLOITED But thankfully cooler heads prevailed so a man who says he's now trans will NOT be housed in a women's prison after he is sentenced for raping two women. After his arrest, he decided he was REALLY a woman so he could be housed IN A WOMEN'S PRISON with other women he could then victimize. The courts didn't fall for it so he should be headed to a men's prison after all. I'm sure he'll be fine there. This longer article has more examples of the way bad actors + bad policy create havoc for women.

LET'S TALK ABOUT #DIEDSUDDENLY FOR A MINUTE This is a long piece by a cardiologist and epidemiologist and I'd recommend you read it no matter where you stand on vaccines. It doesn't make outlandish claims and it lays out the facts as we know them now. The takeaway is that we simply don't know the health impacts of the vaccines on young people but our government doesn't seem the least bit interested in finding out.

STOP TRANAGEPHOBIA! I don't know why everyone is upset about a 29 year old woman trying to enroll in a New Jersey high school. She probably identifies as a teenager and was just trying to do the right thing! This transagephobia must be stopped! See how ridiculous this is? You can no more change your age than you can change your gender.

WOULD YOU LIKE SOME MORE OREO WITH YOUR OREO? The latest new Oreo filling flavor is...cookies and cream, which is just more Oreo. You can find out more here.

RUSSIA IS NOT HAPPY WE ARE GIVING TANKS TO UKRAINE And I'm not sure how I feel about it either to be honest. President Biden says it's to bring the war to an end more quickly, but I fear this is one step away from our men and women heading to Ukraine. Russia is super mad right now and making all kinds of threats. Read more here. This does however live up to our promises made long ago when we told Ukraine that if they gave up their nukes we would always have their backs so there's that.

EATING JUNK FOOD DESTROYS YOUR WILLPOWER ABOUT FOOD This is really interesting and of course going to be used as a jumping off point for a new drug of some sort, but why not take it to heart and just give up junk food now instead? Eating fatty and sugary foods has been shown to affect your body's ability to sense when you've had enough and can make you want to eat more even though you are full. Read about how it works here.

WANT TO AVOID DEMENTIA? STAY MARRIED. This is the result of a long term study from Norway, which showed the people in long term marriages were less likely to end up with dementia. They have no clue why, but I'm guessing that being married leads to more constant engagement on some level that helps the brain stay sharp. Just a guess though.

THESE BABY NAMES TOOK A BIG HIT LAST YEAR And y'all, some of these are just cray cray names so it may not be a bad thing. Find the names here and see if your little one's name is falling out of style.

OH BLESS HIS LITTLE HEART Some people are just special. Click here if it doesn't load.

A+W POKES FUN AT THE M+M MASCOT FLAP This is how you do it, although some didn't get that this was a joke.

I COULD NEVER GET JINX THIS Because she would wear out the PLAY button in one day. Click here if it doesn't load.


That’s a smart girl! #dogs #smart #cute #omg #dogsoftiktok LegendaryChallenge Credit: SWNS

♬ original sound - Daily Mail

DOOMSDAY PREDICTION OF THE WEEK: MASSIVE CYBERSECURITY EVENT This is what's come out of the World Economic Forum event, where the super rich meet to tell us poors what we can expect in the upcoming years. Now we're supposed to worry about a massive cybersecurity event, whatever that means. Really the only thing you can do is make sure you are prepared to live in a no tech world at least for a while, which means stockpiling some cash and food and maybe some gas. Just a warning.

I'D TOTALLY LIVE ON TOP OF A COSTCO as I currently spend so much time there, why not live in an apartment that sits on top of one of the warehouse stores? Those apartments better have amazing storage though, as I never had enough room when I actually lived in an apartment for the giant portions you buy there.

HOW TO USE 100 BUCKS TO BECOME A MILLIONAIRE It's a thing called investing and you can find out how easy it is here. Click here if it doesn't load.

MAN REVERSES AGING BY NOT LIVING At least that's how I read this article about a software engineer who has spent $2 million to reverse his body's age back to when he was 18. He takes a ton of supplements and meds, eats a strict 1,977 calorie a day vegan diet and follows a regimented exercise program. But does he have any fun? Real question. I'm not sure eternal youth is what I want, but you do you, buddy.

I WANT THIS JOB AT A DRILLING SITE The flare went out and he had to relight it. Click here if it doesn't load.

HE CAN'T HELP IT IF HE'S UNBEARABLE CUTE one fuzzy friend loves to have his photo taken in Boulder's open space.

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